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On-line loans are today the most popular form of online loans. If you are still looking for loan options or have already completed the online form, this page will tell you more about the application process. In order to receive an indication of whether you are eligible for a loan, please read our criteria here. Someone who cares about your personal data. Request a loan online:

On-line loan | Easy application

Online credit from Spot Driven is an easy and uncomplicated way of borrowing. As we try to help our clients not to get them into trouble, we do not impose useless charges or default interest. Is there any additional fee with an online loan? We do not bill any fee for missed or early redemption loans, we keep things easy at SpotDotDot.

Everyone can request an online loan, but all our apps are subjected to a loan and affordable loan review. Have a look at our loan calculator to learn more about our credits.

The Lanarkshire Credit Union

Someone who cares about your person-related data. Blantyre Credit Unions, known as Lanarkshire Credit Unions, stores your personally identifiable information. - Improving our service and helping to identify those items and activities that may be of interest to members. We will pass on your person-related data to our IT-suppliers.

In this case, we will make sure that appropriate security measures are taken to safeguard the members' personally identifiable information. - We also pass on your data to information bureaus and anti-fraud authorities. - From analyzing how you run our business, to how you use our goods and provide our service, counting the incidence, type, place, source and recipient of payment.

Must you provide us with your details? This Act gives you a number of legal powers relating to your personally identifiable information, including: - the right of acces to the data we hold about you. - in certain instances, the right to ask us to cease or erase the use of your personally identifiable information.

To be able to work on your request, we pass on your person-related data to information agencies: - information about you, such as your fiscal history, for example, and how you use our goods and our service. - The rating companies pass on your data to other companies, e.g. to other companies that ask you to make available goods andervices.

Your information may be disclosed to information bureaus for use in making loan approvals, combating frauds and pursuing creditors. Gladly we would like to provide you with information about our own range of goods and solutions by mail, e-mail, phone and SMS. Income tax credit: Kindergeld: Independence payment: Annuity credit: Privately funded pension:

Major credits: Actual loan balance(s): Neither as a Mortgagor nor as a Guarantor am I obligated to any other cooperative, bank or financial institution except as specified on this claim form. If necessary, I authorize Crédit Union to obtain further information from my employers or information agencies.

It is clear to me that providing incorrect information is cheating and that the cooperative can take appropriate measures if I have intentionally provided incorrect or deceptive information. When you apply for a loan, please be aware that you must give us your last 3 month account statement and payrolls.

Help prevents automatic transmission of forms.

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