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On-line loan enquiry

They can apply for and have more than one loan at a time, but it may come to disadvantages first. Loan - Pollok Credit Union Ltd. Every PCU loan offers a competitively priced interest that is lower than that offered by creditors in the main streets and paydays. Member can personally submit an online request to their home in any of our branches or on the phone. Every loan is insured free of charge so that members up to the ages of 80 are protected under certain circumstances.

All of our loan clerks are fully qualified to make all decisions about PCU loan on the basis of the members' ability to afford repayment. The members can request a share loan where the first and second loan have an interest of 2% per months on the reduced account of 26.8% APR. MEPs who have paid back more than three PCU loan instalments are entitled to further loan instalments calculated at 1% per annum on the reduced annual percentage of 12.76% effective interest.

Its members use PCU stock loans on a regular basis for vacations, marriages, home decorations, sports subscriptions, distribution of the costs of Christmas and auto finance. PCU secure loans are guaranteed by the member's saving and can be spent on the same date (e.g. 500 pounds saved = 500 pounds loan).

The interest rate for these credits is between 12.68% and 26.8%. A member may only receive shares/savings if the net amount is higher than the credit amount. It allows fast releasing of money while retaining your lifesaving and credit guarantee. The PCU and Glasgow City Council started the Vee Glasgow loan in November 2016, borrowing up to 400 as an alternate to paying day creditors.

Anyone with a postal code of "G" can submit an application, regardless of their current affiliation with the CU. Wee Glasgow loan beneficiaries become automatic members of PCs if their loan application is approved. This loan is granted by candidates who pass a loan review and assess affordable conditions. It' simple to get a loan.

If you would like to receive an employment opportunity, you can visit one of our office locations, call and ask an employee to send it to you, or simply fill out a contact request online at Don't delay your loan for more than 1 weeks (depending on the amount of credit requests received).

Pay back your loan personally at the teller, by direct debit, standing order, Benefit Direct or PayPoint credit cards. Each member receives free credit insurance up to the ages of 80. If the insured dies, the loan will be fully reimbursed in compliance with the 6-month statute of limitations of our insurance company (without delay - the terms apply).


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