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At Zopa we introduce the vehicle refinance credit system.

Groundbreaking Finnish technology company Zopa today introduced a new facility for tens of thousands of British motorists to help them refinance their vehicles and enable them to change and save: ReFi Zopa Auto. In a similar way to refinance a mortgages, Zopa Auto ReFi will allow the consumer to buy more costly auto financing with a better value and a more flexibility arrangement.

Consistent with Zopa's core beliefs - ease-of-use, equity, and visibility - Zopa provides customers with a free, immediate, personalized cost saving assessment headquartered on their auto and finance position that does not affect their creditworthiness. Developed in-house by a recently formed innovator, the solution draws on Zopa's own proprietary solvency algorithm and combined it with detailed automotive information to show consumers how much they can conserve.

When they like the look of the offer, it is simple to finish the online proces. The Zopa company is planning to disturb the second-hand vehicle lending markets, which today are currently on the road with an expected 12 billion a year for new contracts and billion of credit transactions. With this new offering, the company continues its proven direct-to-consumer strategy in the automotive financial services sector, with the ability to work directly with dealers through its point-of-sale capabilities.

Zopa Cars ReFi gives the rider back his or her hand by providing a smooth online experience - making it easy for individuals to disconnect the choice of what kind of vehicle to buy from the best auto financing contract available on the basis of their circumstances. Featuring a strong partnering APII that leverages Zopa's own credit technologies, credit analysis, credit rating, credit rating and peer-to-peer financing models, the new services are designed to help you

As well as supporting Zopa Card Refi, the APIA is currently in a commercial alpha with a number of retail financing partner companies. Tomorrow, this will be expanded to enable further partnership with like-minded companies that offer Zopa's unmatched product range across multiple industry sectors. There is no other UK company providing a specialised online funding facility for this type of vehicle, with Zopa operating in the UK for the first time.

Through innovation and build upon Zopa's award-winning retail credit engines, Zopa Car ReFi delivers a quick response to the customer's car data so the deal can be changed within a few business hours and the savings process begins. The property in the car will remain with the Zopa lenders until the last instalment, when it will be transfered to the debtor.

Borrower remains the owner of the car and Zopa does not take possession of the car at any time. From the development of the peer-to-peer loan approach more than 11 years ago, Zopa has consistently developed groundbreaking product innovations, from groundbreaking partnership with Metro Bank to the recent launch of new retail investor loan product that has received multiple accolades on both the consuming and technological sides.

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