Online Remortgage Application

Mortgage application online

Launch of online mortgage application by Santander Group With the new facility, candidates could only need 30 min to make an immediate choice about their mortgages. Santander says that using simple queries and designing it will make it simple to request a home loan online. Clients can store their application and take it back at a favourable moment, choosing from Santander's full line of mortgages.

You can upload all the documentation you need to help your application, and your clients will be notified of the application's status by e-mail. Clients who want a remortgage can use the remortgage management system to get their hands on exclusively competitively priced products: Mr. Miguel Sard, manager of mortgages for Santander: "Today we work more and more online.

If it comes to the management of your mortgages, they should not be different. "We know that many are already looking for the best offers online, this utility goes a little further, enabling our clients to protect their mortgages online, at a given moment and in a place that fits them. "For clients who know they want remortgage and have found the deals that work for them, it's a great one.

We are always available to help our clients if they have any queries or need assistance.

My Remortgage.

What is a remortgage with the Royal Bank for? If you transfer your mortgages to us, we will make these payments for you. What is a default remortgage? Default remortgage is when you do not want to move home but want to transfer your home loan to us from another creditor. There is a "Switcher" procedure for clients who wish to move from one Royal Bank to another, please go to our My Mortgages management page.

You have the option of applying for your mortgages at the bank branches, online or by telephone. Visit your nearest office for tips on which mortgages are right for you. You will be asked to make an appointment directly with a professional mortgages advisor, which will take about 2h. Call us to make an appointment with one of our branches' mortgages advisors or find your nearest one.

Talk by telephone through the trial and make an appointment by telephone with a professional mortgages advisor. You will be explained the next step and the meeting will take about 2hrs. Please contact us if you have any queries about applying for a mortgages with us. Chats are available online or by telephone, or you can go to your nearest office.

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