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Spaniard mortgage loans are now among the lowest in the euro zone.

From one of the most costly eurozone member states for a mortgage, Spain has become one of the lowest within a few years, writes the Spaniard newspaper El Mundo. Only a few years ago, Spain's banking sector was not interested in granting mortgage loans, as the high differential of four percent or more they were spending at the moment made clear.

Your credit terms were more appealing to customers taking one of their reoccupied houses into their own possession, but otherwise the clear messages were: we are not willing to loan. Now, creditors are dropping beyond themselves to provide some of the lowest interest Rates in the Euro-Zone to credible customers. Loans are only 2.05% of the total, and in August the Netherlands ING started its Orange Mortgage with a difference of only 0.99% above Euribor.

Spain is now one of the lowest priced eurozone economies as a consequence of these extremely tough mortgage terms, according to El Mundo. El Mundo shows, based on European Central Bank (ECB) figures, that the euro area interest rates on loans averaged 2.22%, while the interest rates in Spain are now 2.12%, below France (2.15%), Portugal (2.26%) and Italy (2.48%), and almost as favourable as Germany (2%).

Lower-priced loans are a blessing for homeowners who need financing, but votes are beginning to caution against the risk of a mortgage pricing battle. More information can be found in a new Bloomberg report (Even Spain's Mortgage Market Is Revising Again as ECB Injects Cash), which explains why mortgage prices are getting lower in Spain, includes this graph showing how both Euribor and spread rates are sinking.

He is a Barcelona-based real estate agent and writer of the section "Spanish Property Doctor" in the Sunday Times (2005 - 2008).

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