Order Visa Card

Visa card order

assistance center Click on the "+" symbol and select the "New map". The ticket order page will then open: Select the card denomination, specify the card's mailing and shipping addresses (standard or express)**. Next, you will need to provide extra safety data that will help you validate the on-line purchase if the 3-D Secure has not been sent by text message.

This information must be written in Roman characters - remember it and don't give it to anyone. Verify that all the information is accurate and click "Place Order". You' ll have to foot the bill for the order. ?Important: When you order your second card, you can only use your e-wallet credit to use it.

The card will be produced within 1-2 working day after placing the order, after which it will be shipped. Notice that the card will be sent immediately after the checkout in your private area for your order, so that changes of the order data (card money, shipping address) are not possible.

When ordering, please only provide information that can be verified. Select "Add map" on the homepage. Below the map screen, the system displays the name of the card in which the card is printed. You can use the card only after it has been checked. Learn how to get the validation procedure started right now.

If your bank details are validated, please be aware that you can only order a card to your validated adress. When ordering a card, you get 2 free card updates. Servicing begins when the card is enabled. In addition, if you are paying for goods and service with the card (in shops or on the Internet) up to a minimum of 300 USD/ 300 EUR in one monthly amount, you do not have to spend the following monthly card upkeep.

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