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Bank credits for passenger vehicles can be repaid over several years and have a guaranteed interest return. We have two kinds of loan available, either Secured or Uncovered. Uncovered credit means that the purchaser is tied to the credit and not to the automobile, so that property in the automobile is preserved from the outset.

The majority of uncollateralized credits are more costly and have a higher interest than a collateralized loan.

The price we quote is calculated on the basis of our evaluation of your individual situation.

The price we quote is calculated on the basis of our evaluation of your individual situation. Initial redemption is due 30 workingdays after the date of the claim. When you are entitled and select the deferred launch options, the first refund is due three month from the date of claim. Individual loan are available from 1,000 to 50,000 in steps of 10 pounds.

When the loan starts, we work out the interest that you owe over the entire term of your loan and sum it up to your loan portfolio. Payback LeaveYou may have the possibility to take a payback leave for the first three month or every January for the duration of the loan.

Specify whether you want to use one of these choices when applying for the loan. Three months' payback leave must be taken at the beginning of the loan and cannot be granted if more than 70% of the loan is used to refinance outstanding loans.

None of these are available if you are funding an active Premier Personal Loan where you have made five or fewer redemptions. Notice that interest will be calculated over the entire duration of the loan, inclusive of any deferment of payments/repayment remission. That means that if you decide to take payback leave, there will be more interest overall.

When you have made five or fewer redemptions on your current Premier Personal Loan, you are not entitled to January leave or the postponed starting date for your new loan for three months if your request is approved. Prepayment You may pay back your loan in full at any given moment by giving us written notification, going to a local office or phoning 03456 00 61 61 61.

It is necessary to settle all the sums due if you want to cancel the loan. If you make an early redemption, there may be a decrease in the amount of interest you must repay, and this is mirrored in the statement number. Remember that the early redemption of your loan is subject to a fine of one months interest.

OverpaymentsWhen taking out a loan, you can make an overpayment or make lump-sum repayment to your loan. This payment can lower the amount of interest you will be paying during the life of the loan. The price we quote is calculated on the basis of our evaluation of your individual situation.

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