Paperwork needed to Apply for a Mortgage

Mortgage application paperwork

Identity document - passport or driving licence. Not less than one, preferably two, of the following: Just wanted to take some time to let you know what we are going to discuss and what you need to prepare for your mortgage appointment:

Hypothecary papers check list

That' s why we've put together this practical paperwork checklist to make sure you're one jump ahead of the mortgage games. Simple, your creditor will verify with 2 things: Evidence of Incomes - Like your last 3 pay slips, last 2 years past 2 60 pay slips, old age incomes, investment incomes such as rentals and other incomes such as taxes credit ed or alimony for children.

Verify your creditworthiness in advance - We suggest the free scoreboard so you can get a first-hand understanding of your loan status and how creditors can see your request. If you are not on the voter list, this may have a detrimental effect on your solvency. Sign up today to prevent extra ID cheques and a longer wait for your mortgage authorization.

Prevent the overshoot - Some creditors may not be able to approve your mortgage if you have been overdrawn at all in the last three month.

Preparing to apply for a mortgage

It is a good suggestion to get things in order before you apply for a mortgage and find your new home. When your name isn't there, it'll be harder for you to get a loan. Mistakes in your loan files may result in your request being denied. For more information on how to improve your loan files, visit the Money Advice Service website.

Prevent missed credit cards or delayed payment by creating debit notes.

Confirmation of mortgage dates

Just wanted to take some quality notice to let you know what we are going to discuss and what you need to prepare for your mortgage appointment: Appointments can last up to an hours and the consultation depends on your individual situation. May I ask you to have the following information: About you:

I look forward to seeing you at your meeting. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitat to call 0345 302 0190.

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