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Mortgage Company Paramount NMLS #1146508 - Homepage Although you have lost the cheapest mortgage interest rates, you can still get a better interest rates than your older brothers or sisters ten years ago, ....a lower interest rates than your parent twenty years ago, and a better interest rates than your grand parent forty years ago.

As Freddie Mac reports, mortgage interest has risen by almost a fourth of a per cent in recent months. Mortgage Bankers Association, the National Association of Realtors, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are all demanding that mortgage interest should increase by a further 25% of one per cent....


The Paramount Residential Mortgage Group (PRMG) is a leader in the mortgage lending market and has successfully assisted many mortgage lenders in purchasing and refinancing their properties in the western United States. PRMG needed safe frameworks and an ease to easily integrate information into certain Microsoft Dynamics GP field types because it needed to keep abreast of credit information from over 75,000 clients.

ParallelsRMG turned to iOne to provide a way to get a way to export retail trade information and supplemental bank accounts information from their front-end lending system to Microsoft Dynamics GP. Within the framework of the SmartConnect integration projects, SmartConnect has created a number of SmartConnect integration modules that can be integrated into both Analytical and Extender workflows. It used QuickBooks together with a front-end credit system to record its retail operations and bookkeeping information.

Due to the need for a more resilient bookkeeping system, the possibility to collect extra information about transactions in a system with secure reliability, PRMG decided to use Microsoft Dynamics GP as the ERP system of choosing, together with SmartConnect and GP Extender. PRMG worked with the eOne staff to build over 25 integration projects to bring key credit and bank information to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Even more important, SmartConnect had no problems to import this information for over 75,000 clients, each with their own unambiguous analytical accounting code. SmartConnect also used Extender as a datasource and target. The PRMG is able to reduce the amount of manpower needed for continuous input.

"Because of SmartConnect and Extender, we have five employees who perform our bookkeeping work. In a former enterprise in which I was a shareholder, we had 23 employees with the same credit portfolio just to keep up," says Beauchamp. As a result, it can now share these cost reductions with its customers and provide lower interest rate offers, thereby eliminating competitive constraints.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP, SmartConnect and Extender, the Paramount Residential Mortgage Group has found a formula for succeed.

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