Pay Credit Card bill with Credit Card

Paying your credit card bill with your credit card

It is necessary to add the amount of the customer card to the invoice. Garbage. It is quite expensive to accept credit card payments and can take a while to set it up. Paid your credit card - in full - once a month.

Overpayment of your credit card bill is a good option?

If you pay your credit card bill, it is possible to pay more than necessary. You can, for example, put a hundred quid on your periodic payments, or you may want to give a little of each pay slip to your credit card bill while working on your debts.

More than the Must PayIf you carry a credit and pay the mimimum on it, you may be trying to pay more than the mimimum, but not the entire credit to work towards repaying the debts more quickly. This should be as simple as shipping your favorite method of payments with as much as you want to pay, or shipping an added amount later in the month. Extras ), you can do that too. or the reserve amount.

MacMahon says, "You can also make the next month's early payments - say, if you get a vacation gift or some other stroke of luck that you want to use on your debts before you're tried to pay them somewhere else. A few hundred quid, MacMahon says, but be sure to do it right. "When you make a first and then an early second payout, it could still contribute to the payout for a lone month," says Andrew Hagger, founding partner and managing partner of MoneyComms, a financial information group.

It may be necessary to call your issuing company or review your on-line trading to see when you can make next month's payments. Otherwise, you could make the additional pay, the merchant will charge it to the actual monthly amount, and next monthly, if you think you're fine, you'll be struck with a delay charge and possibly a ring to your credit rating.

More than the amount owedIf you mistakenly pay over the total amount, your first move is to call and tell your credit card companies. You will probably only use the card as usual, but without further action until you have issued as much as you have paid over, says a spokesperson for the UK Cards Association. A number of card holder arrangements clearly forbid this, such as HSBC, which says: "You should not make transactions where the account is credited.

When you do so, we may continue to keep the use of the Card and Account limited to the amount of your credit line. "There is no actual advantage to paying your card bill too high. It won't raise your credit line. You credit line is calculated on the basis of your payback record and total credit value, not on how much money you can top up on your card.

"Card issuers are cautious about those who want to top up their credit card because there may be a possible money lavaging situation," says Hagger. In theory, for example, it would be possible to put foreign currency or currency from crime on the card and then legally issue it on the credit card.

Too high a payment, for example, could too often lead to the radar of the emitters being encountered. When you want to withdraw your excess payment, you can, and the funds will be available to you immediately, but you can be met with a Cash Deposit charge, says Hagger. What is more, paying over your credit card bill and then retracting it could make your card issuer cautious that you have bad financial handling abilities.

Use your credit card to get rid of the surplus and be sure not to pay too much again. Seven small errors that can breach your scores, prioritizing debts:

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