Pay Credit Card Online

Credit card online payment

Sign up for Credit Cards Online and then select "Payment and Bank Transfers" from the menu on the left. Choose "Make a payment to your Royal Bank of Scotland credit card" Select the debit card you wish to use for payment or choose "Add a debit card" to pay your credit card. Login to online banking, click on your account and select "Manage Account" in the upper right corner.

Payment by credit card

Here is how you can pay for your credit card in the near term, whatever the method: Choose "Payments and remittances " from the "Payment or remittance" field in the navigation bar on the right, choose "Make funds transfer" choose "Make funds to your Royal Banka of Scotland credit card" choose the card you wish to use for your purchase, or choose "Add card " choose "Transfer between accounts". If you do not have a checking card with us, please call your local banking institution to make a transaction with us.

You can pay by presenting your credit card and Giro Giro voucher or by entering your credit card number.

Credit card management - Online banking

You can easily administer your credit card in online banking. Learn how to access your account, make a deposit, apply for a bank wire or see your bank statement online. If you register online with your credit card, you will see your online banking overview. Provides a synopsis of your credit card and shows your credit card status and available credit.

You will see all your recent transaction in tile to the right of your item, which you can choose to view more in-depth. Do you have more than one bankroll? When you have a saving, credit or checking bank with us, you can connect your bank customers in such a way that you see all your bank services in one place and only need to memorise one sentence of login data.

There are several ways to make a credit card transfer in our online banking service. If you have chosen "Make a payment", you will see that you can create a direct debit to pay either the reserve amount, the full amount or an intermediate amount. It' easily forgotten when your credit card bill has to be payed.

Smooth direct debiting payments are ideal to prevent this. Another way to make a deposit is to use your credit card. If you have not already done so, you can insert a new credit card for a single transaction and make a one-time deposit on your invoice.

As with the direct debit procedure, you can decide how much you want to pay. When applying for your credit card, you can either ask for a credit to be transferred online or in online banking if you already have a credit card with us. For this purpose, register in online banking and click on the Manage your credit card details page.

You will be redirected to your credit card overview. Choose the option Administer your bank details from the main window and credit from another credit card from the option bar. Turning off your excerpts is a fast and simple way to organize your financial affairs. Login to online banking and choose Edit my bank details in your credit card overview window.

You will be redirected to your credit card overview. Then, from the menus on the right, go to your Administration of your Bankroll, and click Bank Statement Settings from the menus directly below. Then, set the Yes setting, turn off my tray and click OK. The settings will be stored and you will no longer get invoices on hard copy.

You' ll get an e-mail when your next invoice is finished and available online. And if you ever need to convert to printed extracts again, you can always modify your extract settings in online banking. If it is just a one-time extract that you need to prove your earning, identification or mailing adress, you can order it by phone at 0845 300 4278 and we will mail it to you within seven to ten business days. Please note that we do not have a single copy of your order.

You can also register with our online banking service if you are not yet enrolled and need help.

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