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Paying a mortgage online

Therefore, we offer a quick and easy way to make a mortgage payment online. With online or telephone banking. Making a online transaction With our practical online tools you can create a: You must have the following to hand before you can make an online payment: Up to £12,000 can be paid online. Should you wish to make a deposit of this amount or have problems using the online tools, please call us at 0345 300 8000* (Monday to Friday 9 am - 5 pm).

Please note that if you are currently within a prepayment fee term, the requirements regarding the minima and maxima that you may exceed are applicable. Interest on your mortgage is charged either once a month or once a year (see your current mortgage offering for specific information that is relevant to you). All payments made after 6 p.m. on the last date of the months or fiscal year ending March 31 (whichever is applicable to your mortgage) will not be taken into consideration until the end of the next interest rate year.

Please contact your cardholder to find out whether you are familiar with any charges or interest that may be due on a transaction. Note also that paying by bank transfer can result in an increase in debt. In case you are in difficulty, please refer to our section on cash issues for further information and guidance.

You can be occupied enough without having to put aside every single months to make your mortgage payments. Therefore, the establishment of a direct debit system may be the best option. In order to create a direct debit, just fill out one of the following form and send it back:

Paid your mortgage Mortgages all over Germany

You can pay your mortgage in many ways, for example: online, at an ATM or in a bank outlet. You can use a permanent order to pay your mortgage or make an overpayment. It is possible to place a permanent order at any online location or at the store during opening times.

Information on the creditor, his or her name and address: Your billing information, which includes:: These types of transactions can be used and reused to make payments/allocations according to your instructions. Information on the creditor, his or her name and address: Your billing information, which includes:: Pay your mortgage by check or money in one of our branch offices.

Please click on this hyperlink to find out more about the one-time deposit at an ATM.

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