Pay my Credit Card

Payment by credit card

Choose "Make a payment" and then "Manage direct debit". Credit card payment - coxqa24884 We have several ways for you to pay your credit card bill so you can easily stay up to date. Schedule periodic direct debit transactions to your credit card so you don't have to organize a monthly handover. In order to do this, you must have signed up for online banking.

Login to online banking, click on your personal banking details and choose "Manage Account" in the upper right area. If, prior to your first direct debiting, you receive an e-mail or a text stating that your invoice is complete, you must make your first deposit by wire order or direct debiting instead.

You should then have your direct debit activated for your next month's bill. When you have our mobile app, you can also create, administer and reverse your direct debit in the app. There' re funds you can wire from your own checking accounts. Wire the funds to BLZ 40-64-15, 31310006 and use your 16-digit credit card number as a credential.

Faster Money Transfer Services are usually paid within two and a half hour, but can take up to 24hrs. In the case of direct card transactions, please calculate at least 2 workingdays prior to the due date. They can make direct card transactions via online banking and our mobile app.

First you have to insert the credit card and then you can make a deposit. You must first sign up for online banking. Login to online banking, click on your bank details and choose "Manage account" in the upper right area.

To pay by credit card

Direct debit is simple and comfortable, once you have your credit card account established, it is done every single months to pay your credit card bill. As part of online banking, you can create a direct debit where you can either pay the monthly amount, a specific amount, or your entire credit card account on a monthly basis.

When you create a direct debit, we will tell you on your month bill how much and when we will use it. They can make a one-time payment themselves, it's just as simple. There are a number of ways you can pay for your credit card: Please see our FAQ below for details on how to make this type of payment.

Please read the latest copy of your General Conditions for specific credit card related rates and fees.

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