Pay my Mortgage Online

Paid my mortgage online

What you can do to pay your mortgage | Existing customers You have a number of different ways to pay your mortgage each and every time. It is the simplest way to make your payments and provides two major benefits: You do not need to notify your local mortgage institution if your mortgage payments change. Just call our mortgage manager on 0345 1200 872 and we will arrange a direct debit for you.

Call us 24 h a day, 7 d a w ay, at 0345 1200 872 and pay with your debit key using our automatic service: Ensure that you have your mortgage key number at your fingertips. As an alternative, our mortgage manager can accept your payments. It is possible to create a permanent order with your local banking institution.

Please note: It may take 4 working days for us to be able to receive your order. You must ensure that we get all our money by your due date. Pay via your online or phone bank. When your merchant provides faster transactions, we get the next business for you.

Check vouchers can be provided to make a transfer at the banks. Just call 0345 1200 872 between 8-20 hours Monday-Friday and 9-13 hours Saturday. You can also fill out one of your own bank's current receipts with the postcode 62-29-33 and your current accountnumber. You must ensure that we get all our money by your due date.

You can also have your local banks levy charges. You must ensure that we get all our money by your due date. Should you wish to change your credit period, please call us on 0345 1200 872.

Methods of payments D&O | Payments for your mortgage D&O D Purchase List D&O Purchase List | Existing Customers

As soon as you have your mortgage in operation and your mortgage is established, you will find that there may be a number of different methods of paying available to you. This page provides information about excess charges, what to do if you need to take a vacation and detail our prepayment fees.

Notice that we only take transactions through mortgage broker. All prepayment penalties must be paid when you pay back your entire credit. This fee applies even if you exceed the payment limit. It may also be necessary for you to pay fees if you switch (in whole or in part) to another item or to our standard variable rate.

You will find detailed information on the calculation and the time of the early repayment penalty in the CFI and mortgage offering. The mortgage is " wearable " and can therefore be transferred to the new real estate (only for private customers) if you wish to move during the early repayment penalty.

Under certain circumstances, this means that prepayment penalties can be reimbursed in full or in part.

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