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Online payment with credit card

Administer your Kühne + Nagel invoices and payments online. Kühne + Nagel offers its customers credit card payment options to easily optimize their Kühne + Nagel invoices and payments. Accepting online payment We have two major ways to make online payments: credit (or debit) card payment and direct debiting. You can make online purchases directly from an existing bank or credit or debit card or through an all-in-one payment method such as PayPal or Worldpay Online Payment. This method offers your clients a fast, easy and secure way to pay online.

In our current guidelines for periodic payment, we have also explored these payment recurrence alternatives in more detail. Debit and credit card are probably the primary methods used by businesses to make online payment acceptances, and if you need to make immediate payment or withdraw payment from around the world, then credit and debit are probably the best choice.

Several ways you can make card purchases online from your home office to newer full-service vendors like Stripe that do a great job for you and protect you from annoying compliant card payment issues. Please see our Payment History page for more information on how these payment methods work.

If you do not opt for an all-in-one payment processing engine such as Stripe or PayPal, you will need to create a merchants trading and payment portal: Trader accounts are accounts that allow you to pay with credit or debit card. It' an online banking system that keeps your funds temporary until they are transferred to your real corporate banking area.

Please note: Your trader is not required to have the same banking relationship as your corporate one. Payment gateways connect your website to one or more of the processors (similar to a credit card vending terminal in a store or restaurant). Enables your client to enter their credit card information and then informs you whether the debit has been authorized by the cardholder's banking institution and transmits your fees for billing.

Unless you want to do everything yourself, you can contact a payment services company or a payment services company to make online purchases. They act as intermediaries between you and the bank - ensuring that all the funds end up in the right place by taking them from the cardholder's bank and transferring them to your bank accounts.

As a rule, full-service payment processors act both as merchants and payment portals, so that you can make online transactions without a merchants own user name. The use of a payment issuer or payment processing company usually lowers the cost of complying with your requirements, as you will never really be touching commercially-sensitive information.

On-line payment providers such as Stripe also provide a complete set of payment processing tools such as subscriptions, scam handling, withdrawals and remittances, etc., making the payment processing even simpler. You can use a subscriptions administration tool (or a subscriptions package) to manage your periodic payment transactions with ease. Our solutions usually have credit card storage (where clients can save their credit card information for use in the future), automated invoicing, client registration and email invoicing, and ensure that the right individuals receive the right amount each time.

Usually, you will still need to use either a trader and payment portal or a payment process. It is also possible to pay online by direct debit. Usually this is a cheap way to receive payment, but is not a good idea if you need immediate payment (e.g. for things like e-commerce).

Similar to card payment, there are several ways to accept online direct debit payment. What is right for you depends on your company and the amount of money you recover. Be sure to verify that a merchant has online payment added to its prices - this can be one of the additional charges not listed in advance.

When you decide to debit online direct debit internally, you need your own SUN and can buy Bacs certified Bacstel IP technology. Essentially, this is a trader direct debit area. Either you can register yourself or via a direct debit office. When you want to approve online direct debit payment, first talk to your local banking provider.

The Bacs Approved Softwares is evaluated by Bacs to comply with Bacstel-IP softwares and client support industry standard for quality: Verify bank information before submitting a bank statement using the latest release of the Industry Sorting Code Directory. The Bacstel-IP application gives you Bacs system connectivity so you can make your own online direct debit transactions.

Debit processing office is a third party that processes direct debit transactions on your behalf either with your own SUN or with the office's SUN so that you can receive payment online or off-line. and SmartDebit. The Direct Debit Management System is a full-featured package that provides full interoperability with other payment processing solutions and the possibility to use a variety of payment methods such as SEPA, SWIFT and BACS.

Debit Direct Management software is good if you want to combine various online (and offline) payment methods such as direct debit, faster payment, card payment and checks under one single utility, but it is very costly and includes many manually operated procedures. Where do you know which is the best online payment method?

And if you are not sure which is the best way for you to make online purchases, you may find our Payment History Guidelines useful.

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