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Payment by credit card

Here's how you can pay for your credit card in the future, whatever the method: If the automated monthly mortgage payment shows up. Nearly all car rental companies state that this deposit must be booked to a credit card. You do not accept debit cards, cheques, cash or any other form of payment. Step-by-step instructions on how to set up a direct debit to pay for your M&S bank credit card and instructions on other payment methods.

Paid your credit card balance

It is important to administer your acqua credit card with care. That means you must make at least the monthly MIP - an amount equivalent to the sum of interest, arrears and 1% of the account closing amount (at least 5 or the whole amount if less than 5).

It is also important to ensure that you remain within your creditline. In this way you can help establish or improve your creditworthiness, and we can also raise your credit line. We made it simple for you to pay your Aqua credit card bill. If you want to pay the full amount each and every months or distribute your refunds, you can select between the following options:

We take each monthly a minimal amount, a full account Balance, a percent of your credit or a fixed amount, depending on what you like. Calculate at least 3 workingdays before the specified due date. Faster Payments also accepts payments with the Faster Payments Service. On no account may the check be made due for repayment to the bank as it cannot be collected.

You can expect 7 workingdays until your money arrives. Contact a UK banking institution that carries the Mastercard label. Money should be paid at least 5 workingdays before the specified due date. Your account must be provided with the following information:


Do not use the "Back" key on your web browsers to go back, otherwise you may loose some of the information you have already provided. Phonecalls are made from Monday to Friday between 09:00 - 17:00. Payment must be made from a Sterling banking escrow deposit. Adress of the banka / building society:

Payment methods | Credit card

Establishing a direct debit is a comfortable and simple way to pay your M&S credit card every monthly automatic. Make the minimal deposit, a lump sum or the total amount - just select the options that suit you best. It is possible to create a direct debit via Internet Banking by following the following directions or by calling us on 0345 900 0900.

This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a direct debit: After you have registered for Internet banking, in the " My accounts " section, click on the " M&S credit card " option. In the " Make a Transaction " section, click the " Create Direct Debit " option. This is where you can arrange the direct debit on-line or where you can dowload a hard copy client for returning by mail.

When you decide to create the direct debit system on-line, all you have to do is fill in the on-line application and click on "Send". Make sure you keep making your purchases until you get your first direct debit date confirmed. Should the due amount of the minimal amount exceed this amount, we demand the full minimal amount.

When your account is lower than your set amount, we will only charge the account on your account history. Once you have signed up for Internet banking, just log in as usual and choose "Make a payment" from the navigation on the Left. Next, please obey the prompts to input your amount and your credit card number.

Sign up here for Internet Banking and you can see your latest credit card transaction, statement or payments. It takes up to 2 businessdays to reach your balance when making a purchase. Please use our banking connection, BLZ 40-12-57 and 59001115, with your 16-digit M&S credit card number as your credential.

You will receive your money within about two working hour. It is possible to pay with a credit card at the cash desks of most M&S branches. Just present your M&S credit card together with your money transfer to the business consultant and the money will be transferred to your bank within 2 working day. Together with your paying-in slips, please enclose your check in the pre-addressed envelopes we sent you with your hard copy invoice.

Transfer your check to the M&S International Banking System and enter your banking number on the back. <font color="#ffff00">M&S Banking P.O. Box 77 Harlow CM20 09BX It takes up to 6 business workingdays to appear in your inbox. Just fill out the pay-in form and bring it with your bill to any Mastercard or Visa-issued merchant.

Invoice will be marked as evidence of your intent to pay, but please be aware that a fee may apply if you do not pay at a retail outlet of your own banking institution. It takes up to 5 business workingdays for your money to be credited to your balance. With your local banking institution, you can create a firm order for payments or a permanent order.

Enter your accountnumber (without the spaces) as your references, then the M&S accountnumber 59001115 and the BLZ 40-12-57. You will receive your money within about two working hour. Dial your local banking institution and, as a referral, enter your balance number (excluding spaces) on the front of your bill or card number as required by your banking institution, then enter the M&S balance number 59001115 and BLZ 40-12-57.

You will receive your money within about two working hour. To pay your credit card bill at a postal service. Simply give them your filled out receipt (at the bottom of your hard copy invoice) with your money transfer. It will take up to 7 business workingdays until payment is made.

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