Pay your Credit Card bill Online

You can pay your credit card bill online.

Debit card payments can be made via Online Banking and our Mobile App. Santander e-Banking Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) You can pay your Santander credit card bill in three ways through Santander Online Banking. In order to create a direct debit, please click on the "Credit cards" button in the upper part of the screen and on the links in the upper part of the screen, "Create / change direct debit". On-line banking helps you establish a direct debit to pay for your credit card.

When you need to make a prompt deposit, use the following steps to make a prompt deposit. In order to make a transfer from a non-Santander credit card to your Santander credit card, go to the "Credit Cards" section in the top navigation bar and click on the "Pay Santander Credit Card" button in the navigation bar on the top right.

Just type in your credit card information and select a method of paying - you can select whether you want to pay the minimal amount from your last account, the full amount on your last account or any other amount you specify. Please keep in mind that the reserve amount is the reserve amount you must pay each and every year.

When you have not yet used your Santander credit card, you must create a new one. Name the new transaction so that you can see this on your bank statement in the "Name of payee" area. It should be a name that helps you recall the transaction, such as "My Santander Credit Card".

You will see this on your bank statement and in your recipient history if you wish to make another credit card purchase. Specify the credit card billing code; for credit card billing, this is usually your 16-digit credit card number (in some cases it can be 15 digits), plus Santander credit cards.

Type it without the blanks. To make a prompt deposit, or to make a deposit for a date in the near term, type the amount of the deposit in the Amount box. You can select whether you want to make the immediate purchase by choosing the "Now" bet.

If you do not want to make a deposit immediately, but want to make a deposit in the near term and know the date, you can choose "On this date" and type in the date of the deposit. If you do not wish to make a deposit now, simply skip the "Amount" box.

You will find your new transaction in your payee dropdown table - choose "Pay or display an existing payee" to display the dropdown table.

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