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Until the next payment date, the debtor owns the funds. In order to obtain an advancement, the claimant must be 18 years old and have a proven track record. AMOUNT OF BILL AND FEE: An individual wishing to lend at the Quick Loan Shop can get an amount of £50-£500.

Unlike other creditors, the interest rates are low. In addition, the quick credit shop shows a utility on the start page that shows the borrowers exactly how much they have to repay. The Quick Loan Shop uses its own creditressources. Requesting an advanced payment via the Quick Loan Shop is simple.

He will be able to see the amount to be repaid immediately after choosing a principal amount. In case the individual is still interested in a credit, they can click on the "Apply" icon. Customers who obtain authorization for payday borrowing will in most cases get their money on the same date.

Otherwise they will get the money within 48 working days of the date of the request.

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