Payday Loan Business Franchise

Payment Day Loan Business Franchise

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Pawnshop - The initial recession-proof business

Whilst the benevolent state in the middle of the 20th twentieth centuries led to a fall in the number of pawnshops, recent cutbacks in government expenditure and the business environment have further boosted sector expansion. Experienced customers recognize the advantages of a pawn loan with the bank that is not willing to loan, and with this request for alternate loans comes a great business possibility.

Apart from the demands generated by the business cycle, in recent years the sector has made great progress in altering people's perception and eliminating the fat picture of yesterday. Express creates businesses that are a mix of retailers and banks. This franchise offer from the Cash & Check Express is perfect for the pawnbroker franchise with other sources of income such as purchasing bullion, purchasing and selling used goods, payday advances, third-party check collection and Western Union Money Transfer.

Cash & Cheque Express currently has 15 branches across the UK and is expanding quickly, many others are in preparation. Old tradition, new vision..... Cash-and-Cheque Express offers a broad spectrum of financial solutions, ranging from the purchase and sale of high-quality second-hand goods to pawn shops and quick and easy short-term credit facilities.

Combining old tradtional assets with a new perspective, Express has created a business proposition that the retail customer wants and the UK retail business has a genuine need. Pick & Mix" allows potential Franchise Owners to customize their own business to their own needs.

Our flexible business approach, with our expert and courteous assistance, will ensure that you, the business owner, get the business you want.

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