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The Payday Loan Alternative provides the necessary short-term credit line to better reflect your circumstances. Stepstone is your alternative to payday loans. Wonga: Payment day loan "do wonders" for your creditworthiness...

. really?

Wonga, the disputed payday loan company, has been writing to clients, which means that taking out one of its loan "can work wonders". Quite often, the opposite is true because many creditors consider the fact that you have used a payday or a short-term loan to be a bad thing as it can be a bad indication that you are in trouble.

A good credit reference is essential to get a loan, credit line or mortgages, especially as creditors are more selective than ever. Wonga's e-mail to the customer says: "The timely repayment of your Wonga loan does miracles for your creditworthiness! "We have been notified of the news by a registered subscriber who got it last week, and Wonga has acknowledged that he sent this e-mail to other subscribers, but will not indicate how many.

Whilst the Wonga Instruction does not specifically say that a payday loan will help your creditworthiness, it says if you are paying it off, and by implication that you will therefore have one, you will profit. However, not to mention it, or to caution clients that even with a payday loan you can look less attractive to other creditors.

Thats because they can see you as extended financially, given payday mortgages are sought after those with short-term financial difficulties. "If they are fully disbursed, their inclusion on your credit record may cause other creditors to refuse you, as it may be a symptom that you cannot administer your funds.

" Mortgages financier Kensington says it is not going to assume anyone who has taken a payday loan in the last 12 month. Compelling GE Money also says it will not approve home loan requests from borrowers who have taken out a payday loan in the past three months or twice in the past year (see the payday loan alert MSE News story).

One great creditor also said to us that while having a payday loan will not necessarily be disqualified from borrowing, it is seen as negative. There are too many negative ones, among them many credit requests in a shorter amount of space of time, that can be used to make a new request. Experian credit bureau credit bureau James Jones says that timely payment of a payday loan can help, but "some creditors may see the fact that you have taken out a payday loan as a symptom that your finance is under pressure".

As a Wonga spokesperson says, "We knew that an old copy of a client e-mail was in temporary use again after a client had migrated it. "The payday lending industry has long been the object of many studies in view of concern about high charges and the loot of endangered borrower. The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) opened official inquiries this past Monday against several payday creditors for violent collections activities.

The report also writes to all 240 payday creditors who highlight serious misgivings about bad practice, such as the encouragement of creditors to make belated payments to raise massive sums. Wonga also acknowledged this weekend that a senior staff member had made "personal, false and unreasonable comments" about the payday loan activist and MP Stella Creasy.

Creasy wants a ceiling on the costs of payday debt the government is considering.

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