Payday Loan Frauds

Loan Payday Fraud

OFT receives a growing number of complaints about problems caused by identity fraud in connection with payday loans. To get a Texas payday loan scam and fraud in Tamale has never been easier. Payment day credit scam by ex By 2011 I realized that my then spouse (who controlled the families' finance and had the only credit on our community account) was not paying credits, electricity bill and community taxes. Before that I knew that when we had little cash, she had resort to taking checks from her parent, but from 2007 I had earned good cash, so I still have no clue why these debt were not made.

In January 2012 I took over the financial affairs of the families, after I had informed myself about some of these topics, and afterwards we payed everything we should, as far as I knew at that point. In 2012, when we parted in 2012, I became attentive to 2 defaulting payday mortgages taken on my behalf, after I had confronted them and threatened to go to the cops, their dad disbursed them.

Another payday loan firm in 2015 approached me about a loan in my name that was taken out in 2011. Action Fraud got me a criminal number and the credit bureau took the loan. Then I found another 4 payday loan, all 7 taken out in summers 2011, 2 were taken out within a weeks of each other!

She seems to have applied for the loan with our Community bank accounts and my name, had full passport availability and took full benefit of the simple procedure of these businesses. I' ve gotten in touch with Action Fraud about each of these cases and got criminal numbers. The two credit institutions have amortized the debts.

Mortgages were depreciated because the IP addresses and the date of my job were at my then home and I had to log on to each of my vacancies during the working week to show that I was not at home at the date I submitted my job request.

There are 2 more payday loan firms I have to talk about, and Payday U.K. (which I have been working on for the last 2 months) is much more complicated to do. I' ve been contacting them, informing them of cheating, contacting ActionFraud and obtaining a criminal number, but Payday UK will not tolerate cheating until a proper policing enquiry is initiated.

Of course I realize that this firm wants their cash back, but the unaccountable way they borrow it has made them open to cheating. I have a bad reputation and it will have a bad effect on the interest I can offer even though I have never signed a contract with a bank.

So I want my ex to repay these debt, but the credit society is not interested in hunting them because it has put them in my name. Every help that was thankful for.

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