Payday Loan Leads

Payment day loan leads

Currently we have PayDay Loans Leads available for purchase. Highest converting PayDay loans lead in the UK. Temporary Loan manages partner program for lenders, partners and brokers. has been in the lead gene n business for six years and offers a variety of services for publishers and payday loan buyers.

PayDay Loan Leads: Advanced conversion

Currently we have PayDay Loans Leads available for purchase. All our leads are pay-per-call leads, sometimes referred to as either hotshot leads, hotshot key leads or liveshot transfers. They are not created in the call center, and we are not a information enterprise. See below to find out how we are generating our leads.

Our leads are all sought on the web, i.e. prospective clients have started an active quest for the products or services you offer. You then call a phone number to talk to a consultant, qualify as a sale conversation and are forwarded to your selling staff in real-time. That kind of leads is referred to as pay-per-call instead of saying that you are purchasing a leads formula or dates.

Exchange rate is much higher than for forms leads, especially for complex items like PayDay Loans. We' ve seen over 35% change ratios, while typical 13% change ratios for a Premium Leads game. And what is per-call? It is a new way of generating leads that has only recently been made possible by benefits in telephone monitoring systems.

Leads can be forwarded to any number and it only needs a few moments to get up and running. Before going Live, we thoroughly test the services to make sure they work smoothly. All our leads purchasers are offered free of charge high-performance trading track. And because we don't resell information, our leads can only be for you.

That means we never resell a single leads twice and you won't compete with another brokers to turn that leads into a paid one. For example, we can customize the leads if you want to customize the way we qualifiy clients, e.g. we can submit different kinds of phone calls to different distribution team.

We' d love to know from dealers who are able to route high value leads directly to their call center. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with top value dealers who can receive phone call from skilled clients who want to do deals with you.

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