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The PAYDAY is an action-packed, four-person Coop shooter where you rob banks and get paid. Stockholm Dedicated Payday T-shirt in organic and Fairtrade certified cotton. Slightly salted, roasted peanuts coated with sweet caramel make Payday a unique treat.


The PAYDAY is an action-packed, four-person Coop shooting game where you rob a bank and get your hands on it. With up to four buddies working together on the hit, the job gets larger, better and more worthwhile as the crews progress. Earn more cash and become a fabled crime killer - use your cash to equip your characters with new skills that will transform the way you gamble and equip them with their own weapons and equipment.

This was found useful by 101 out of 114 persons. Contentwise far behind the Steam versions. In itself it is a respectable match with a low need for communications for larger robberies. It doesn't depend too much on ring incidents in the gameplay, but is still a slightly different kind of challenging environment for repeat robberies.

Given that making moneys is the main objective, you' ll find a bunch of loops at higher altitudes, where better equipment proves more profitable for tougher challenges. Playing with 3 other buddies will offer the best gaming experiences, as different abilities can certainly lead to a change in the gameplay. Sometimes the match can be clearly flawed, with obvious connectivity problems in popular matches and the poorly pronounced AI.

Payment day is also not really a graphical-technical enhancement with almost zero face animation and no FOV-pushers. It is still a great match and can be missed while you're having fun. This was found useful by 79 out of 90 persons. This was found useful by 35 out of 41 persons.

Forty-seven out of 57 humans found this useful. Twenty-five out of 29 found this useful. It' great and awesome with companions, the premise is brillant, but over a year later the track is still lacking core gameplay, i.e. the info tree is still only 1 teire and the other four are not available, some mission, i.e. Hoxton's mission is lacking and some others,

Developer development staff does not seem to do much as contents 1 year after the publication of 1 disc is still not available and it took 6 month to get a fix to 1 refracting bug, which after the publication bolted the track back anyway[BEEN FIXED] total game play is great, just do not await contents or disc that would have been in the publication any time soon.

Sixteen out of 18 persons found this useful. Twenty-nine out of 36 persons found this useful. Twenty-four out of thirty found this useful. Extreme funny, but with a black and white tourret pat and additional hard-core venry raists, but still well done with the arrival of heaven.

Twenty-one out of 26 respondents found this useful. Somewhat repellent, but it's because I loop the same robberies. There are several ways to get started, so you can use skills tree for your playing style, the robberies are great and you have to kill as many policemen as possible. It' still better on the computer, but can be a funny and interesting one.

Twenty-nine out of 38 persons found this useful.

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