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In order to facilitate smooth payment transactions, they generally combine payment portals with banking services. Support a variety of payment gateways and merchant accounts. Retailers need the ability to offer their customers as many payment solutions as possible in a simple and secure way. The Easy Payment Gateway can help achieve this easily and efficiently by improving customer satisfaction and increasing the revenue streams for each merchant. There are a number of renowned and reliable payment gateways that we offer our customers depending on their business requirements.

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The top 10 payment gateway you should select for your US e-commerce shop?

However great your e-commerce shop may look and work, the main factor behind the successful outcome of your efforts is how well your product is selling to your clients. Payment gateway is a high-performance instrument that will help to convince the shopkeepers of your reliability. Essentially, a payment gateway is an e-commerce facility that allows merchant to safely receive payment cards and other types of web transaction through your website.

Keep in mind that if the payment methods in your e-shop are not correctly adjusted, you may experience the risk of losing orders in your shop. However, the implementation of the right payment gateway can turn out to be one of the keys to the long-term viability of your on-line operation. As not all payment gateway work the same, it is important to make the right choices.

Here are some things to consider as you find out which payment portal you can use: Find out about the transaction charges associated with a payment gateway. Verify that the payment gateway requires you to go through a logon procedure. lf so, it is better to try to prevent such payment gateway.

Make sure that the Payment Gateway is equipped with multi-currency capability, especially if you want to grow your global on-line operations. To find out which product (digital or physical) you can resell, read the Payment Gateway General Sales and Delivery Policy. Verify that your payment portal accepts payment by either PayPal, Direct Debit or Kreditkarten.

Ensure that the payment gateway does not ask your user to fill out useless boxes and so on. In order to help you, I have put together a shortlist of 10 of the best payment gateway's from which you can select one that best meets your needs. It has come a long way to become known as one of the most sought-after payment gateway.

The Net Payment Gateway - which accept on-line payment by means of either bank transfer or check. There are $49 set-up fee and $29 monthly gateway fee. PayPal was introduced in December 1998, but was designed and introduced in 1999. It is one of the most commonly used payment gateway that can accept both payment by either bank transfer or direct debiting payment.

However, shopkeepers must incur a basic transfer fee of "3.4% + $0.30 USD" when using PayPal for payment by car. There are no set-up charges, gateway charges or montly charges for this payment gateway. About 341,497 websites use the PayPal payment portal. The payment portal was launched in August 1997. provides on-line trolleys, eCheque facilities (also referred to as SecurePay), acceptance of payment via cell phone and so on. Before you can make payment by using, you must log in as a account first. In addition, you must make a payment of $400 to cancel your subscription to payment gateway before your subscription expires.

The company offers service in 196 different nationalities and accepts payment in the following forms: PayPal, Direct debits and Payment card. There is no need to incur installation and maintenance charges. It is one of the oldest payment gateway with 30 years of payment expertise in the world. Founded in 1969, it began operating in the US and global market in 1998.

They include cards, direct debits, gifts and many other pre-paid cards. However this payment gateway has a fairly high transitional fee. Although BluePay Processing is a new payment portal and began operations in 2002, BluePay Processing has quickly gained a good name among traders. The BluePay service will accept payment by either bank cards or e-checks.

Claiming to offer the highest levels of information protection in the payment gateway business, it calculates $15 per month services fee. PaySimple accepts all popular debit card and e-check payment methods on your iPhone or iPad and can justifiably be referred to as New-Age Payment Gateway. PaySimple is a great payment portal for small and medium sized shops, according to analysts.

When you are a start-up company and have a limited financial resources, is the payment portal for you. There is no set-up charge and it only charges you a $10 token charge as a gateway charge per month. We only offer to process your payment cards. The Paynova is a payment settlement company that provides e-merchants with 21 payment methods.

This is the best fit for the needs of smaller on-line companies. The last on our roster is ChronoPay, an excellent payment portal for merchant that accepts payment by debit card (such as VISA, American Express, JCB, etc.). ChronoPay is free to join, but you must earn a fee on the basis of your month's revenue.

Don't let payment gateway barriers serve as barriers to building a profitable your on-line shop, make sure you select the appropriate options for your on-line shop. But it is too simple to be overpowered by the multitude of payment gateway sites available to you. Hopefully this article will give you a good notion of 10 of the best payment gateway from which you can select for your e-shop.

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