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Hello everyone; Has anyone used the Paymycard in Club World casinos? epAnquis As a rule, 03 number phone conversations are contained in the "free of charge default minutes" of fixed and cellular services; please review your schedule. If not, 03 number phone numbers will be billed at your default tariff, which is 9p per minutes from BT landlines.

The Visa card is from Vanquis Bank Limited.

Seat of Vanquis Bank Limited: © 2015 Vanquis Bank.

Make a payment online - Vanquis

Can I make a deposit on-line? In order to make a deposit via this facility, please complete these easy steps: Then click on "Debit Cards" in the section "Make a Payment" in the navigation on the right. When you have activated the pop-up blocker, you can usually deactivate it via the "Tools" pull-down in your web navigator.

As soon as you have made your payments, you can activate the "Pop Up Blocker" again. Was my deposit unauthorized? Be sure that you have made at least your minimal deposit or that there is a debit issue (e.g. if it has expired). How high is my deposit?

Is it possible to make more than my minimal deposit on-line? Yes, you can select whether you want to make a choice between your minimal deposit and your actual remaining one. Is it possible to change or reverse my direct debit now? Your web browsers do not display the page clearly, why? Vanquis on-line support includes support for IE 6 and 7, Firefox 2 and 3, Safari and Google Chrome.

Online-Repayment Service

5 workingdays are required before your bank transfer is received. Notice that interest and fines may apply or be imposed until such time as your money is paid into the specified bankroll. Please make sure that you have enough money in your bank to make the payment]. Every transaction made with a single bank transfer may be subject to a higher interest charge than the one debited from your bank accounts; you also increase your bank deposit and the amount owed to your bank transfer.

You should be aware that our action on any individual or recurring money order we have obtained from you does not mean that we have accepted such money and/or prospective money in lieu of your financial obligation to us as stated in the applicable agreements between us or as amended from time-to-time by mutual consent in writing.

When you give us a periodic money order to be accepted as a change to your contracted financial obligation, you must send a query to your normal point of contacts and your query will be taken into account. It is up to you to terminate a returning money order at any moment. Although we make every effort to deliver the Services, we shall not be responsible for any non-delivery of the Services, in whole or in part, for reasons beyond our reasonable reasonable controls.

In particular, this shall include the interruption of the Services as a result of servicing and upgrading our System (s) or that of a third party used to perform the Services.

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