Personal Debt Helpline

Individual debt helpline

What if I need a Debt Consulting service? Your company's position will determine how your debt is handled and what kind of corporate debt counseling you need. A sole trader, for example, is individually responsible for all liabilities that are not handled differently from his personal liabilities. Partnership companies are handled differently from sole proprietors in that the partners are joint and several debtors (i.e.

even if one partner goes bankrupt, the other partners can be held fully responsible for the remainder).

Joint stock corporations are distinct corporate bodies, which means that the managers of the corporation are not individually responsible for the corporation's debt (there are some exemptions - personal warranties, illegal or deceptive dealings, PAYE & income taxes payable after withdrawals of money and value transactions). Please see the Business Debtline website for partnership and GmbH debt counsel.

When you need to discuss debt with someone, please call the charity's helpline at 0800 043 40 50 to discuss it with an advisor.

Former customer information:

Meanwhile the departments of the PDHL are shut down. May I still have a DDMP with DHL Ltd? It is up to you to choose whether you want free debt counseling, whether you want to find a new Debt Management System (DMP) with a paid Debt Management System (DMP) provider, or whether another option is right for you. At the beginning of the administration you got a mail from Pdl Ltd about it.

Please call 0800 6 888 888 888 if you have not been contacted by PDHL or if you are not sure about your whereabouts. Do not make any further payment to PDHL. How does the amount of my transfer to PDHL Ltd. work? Each payment made and settled before the joint administrators were appointed should have been handled in the normal manner to your debtors.

However there will be some cases where this is not the case according to how you have previously made payment to PDHL Ltd, i.e. whether you have been paying once a week or fortnight. When you are not sure whether your accounts payable have been credited, please call 0800 6 888 888 888. Because of the number of clients, it may take several months for the joint administrators' employees to work through this and, if necessary, refund your money.

Upgrades to the trial will be posted from the PDHL website from fortnightly. If my payment has not been sent to my credits, what happens? In most cases, as mentioned above, your lenders were paid from funds already transferred to PDHL. The FCA understands that the professional associations of the banking sector have given guarantees that they are expecting their members to grant a "grace period" or "indulgence" so that you have enough spare Time to obtain further information on your finances.

That means your lenders should not take any measures against you for at least 60 workingdays in order to give you enough free space for further debt counseling. Credit counseling and Debt Management Services (DMPs) are available free of charge through MAS.

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