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Find out about our interest rates for personal loans. On this page you can calculate your monthly refunds and apply online. Face-to-face loans Request a loan in a few moments

Since we only borrow in a responsible manner, we work with you to ensure that you can purchase your loan throughout the life of the loan. Among the changes you should think about are: Your job status - will you be retiring during the period or will you take motherhood, fatherhood or prolonged holidays? Any shortening of working time - are firm contractual terms coming closer?

Their refunds vary depending on how much you want to lend, how long you want and your personal circumstances, but you can use the online credit processor above to get a general idea. However, you can also use the online credit processor above to get a general overview of the credit options. For how long can I take out a loan? Our credit facilities have a 12-month maturity and a 84-month maturity.

Select any word in between, in steps of 6 months. What matters is - just gamble with the credit converter and you will see that the interest you get will depend on the amount you want to lend and we will also take into consideration your personal finances. Interest will be charged from the date the funds are available in your bankroll.

You can find more information about our interest rate on our Credit Interest page. When you apply online, it will take about three moments to fill out the online registration request and click Send. If you are successful, the funds will be immediately deposited into your bankroll. Approximately the amount of elapsed cooking times you need to cook an eggshell, you could be authorized and could get credit for it.

When you apply by telephone, we still make an immediate call, but it will take longer for you to be able to get your hands on the funds if you are approved, as you will need to send back some of your autographed documentation - see below,'How quickly will I get the funds? Sometimes we need more information from you before we can approve the loan.

In this case, an invitation to call us will be displayed during the online application. So how soon do I get the cash? When you apply for your credit by telephone and it is authorized, it will take a little longer. You will receive a loan contract from us, which you can fill in, return and signature.

Once we have received this undersigned application from you, we will send the funds to your first bank account/deposit. Anything I can't use my credit for? There are many things you can use our loan for - if you are building a robotic puppy, we would like to see him. Furthermore, a personal loan should not be provided for gaming, commercial or share dealing use.

Is it possible to use my loan for consolidating debts? Yes, as long as it's legitimate and not for commercial use, but if you're using some or all of the funds to disburse, cut back or mix other loans, you should make sure it's right for your circumstance before proceeding. Is it possible to reimburse the loan prematurely?

If you wish, you can reimburse your loan in full at any given moment by giving us your cancellation number - either by telephone on 03 456 100 199**, by safe mail or in written form. We will give you a billing number, and as long as you fully settle it, we can shut down your credit balance.

Choosing to prepay your loan could result in a decrease in the interest that you will have to owe, which will be mirrored in your billing figures. Yes, we calculate one month interest on the billing number if you prematurely shut down a personal credit bank. To check your actual credit and/or debit balances, simply call us at 03 456 100 199** or securely email us via Online Banking.

Yes, if you took out your loan after 11 June 2010, you can make an overpayment that could lower the amount of interest you will be paying over the life of the loan. We cannot overpay if you took out your loan before this date. Sorry - we do not provide a refund holiday with this loan.

We work with you as a bank's trusted creditor to ensure that you can keep an eye on any financial issues you may have, whether shortterm or long-term. Find out more about opening a checking bank here. Are you offering other kinds of loans?

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