Personal Loan Debt

Individual loan debt

If you take out a personal loan, you borrow a fixed amount from a bank or lender and pay it back in fixed amounts over an agreed number of months or years. Combine several debts into one personal loan and reduce your monthly repayment costs. Private loans rise four fold as fast as salaries

UK Finance's released figures show that in 2016-17 household borrowing was £37 bn unpaid. Christian's Against Poverty (CAP) said January 2018 was the busiest ever traffic-month for people looking for debt counsel. As the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) said, "the overwhelming bulk of the credit went to individuals who could make refunds. UK Finance's public sector figures covering 10 of the UK's largest banking and home loan associations show that the value of loan defaults has risen by 25% since 2013-14.

UK homes raised 37 billion in personal finance in 2017, an £7 billion rise on three years before. Private loan indebtedness in Northern Ireland is just over 1 billion and has increased by 4% since 2014. Increasing cost of life and low wage growth mean that some say they need to lend themselves to survival.

"We had a minute just before the pay day when I had five quid in my pocket. "Ms Reynolds, who works full-time for a auto auctions company, raised nearly 28,000 in debt through banking loans and major credits between 2007 and 2015. "I' m angry when I think about this part of my live because I know that there are many other guys who are going through exactly the same thing now," she said.

Bank of England says UK household debt currently totals more than 1.5 billion (including mortgages ) pounds and has issued a warning that a strong increase in personal credit could threaten the UK economy. A number of charitable organisations are worried that individuals will receive credits they "can never repay".

"There was a customer who came to us who was committed to a loan of 20,000 pounds from her local savings institution, totally insecure, and she was six month preg. "There are customers who have told us that they have struggled with their debt and the banking community is willing to give them more cash.

"All in all, personal debt is currently at about long-term averages, but we are worried about endangered consumer groups that may be subject to cost-intensive credit. "An overwhelming proportion of creditors abide by the rule that when a banking institution borrows someone funds, it must ensure that the refunds are payable, and we will take steps if we see that our rule is being violated".

Speaking for UK Finance, a UK Finance spokesman said its members "undertake to lend in a responsible manner to help their clients and always make a thorough evaluation of a client's finance risks when they request a loan. "They add: "The overwhelming bulk of borrower pay back their loan without getting into trouble financially, but if a client is fighting with repayment, we would always recommend him to talk to his creditor immediately.

"It is also important to recall that these numbers do not represent overall borrowings or debt by sector as they preclude other funding streams such as auto lending, demand deposits and students' lending.

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