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Lending transactions for personal use or home ownership credits While the UK credit markets offer a broad array of credit institutions, which is ideal for offering you a multitude of choices, it can make the choice of the right one difficult. This is why we briefly introduce you to the most important credit institutions so that you can make an informed choice.

What credit company is right for you? They can be led into temptation by a credit institution in the USA. Working with a well-known trade name and offices across the nation can be reassuring, talking to someone in private is a true plus. At the other end, high-street credit institutions will often pay more interest than a smaller credit institution.

To make an educated choice, the only way is to use a credit comparator to find the best credit company for you.

Customer Service Awards Moneywise

Our dedication and dedication to our clients have earned us accolades in a variety of different areas, from innovations and technologies to our ability to serve our clients. We are proud that our clients have once again recognized us as the most reliable P2P gaming solution in the UK.

Moneywise's 40,000 reader base this year chose its most reliable financial services provider, so we're overjoyed that our clients still consider our personal loan services one of the best in the industry. Prizes are awarded as part of a Smart Money People client questionnaire.

Many thanks to all who took part in the vote! It is the third "Lender of the Year" in 2017 to be chosen by the consumer in the Moneywise poll. A Moneywise poll was used as the base for this decision, so we were very pleased to get this confirmation from our clients.

Prizes that help UK shoppers find the best finance product and provider on the open markets are awarded on the results of a Smart Money People customer poll. Superbrands' yearly ranking is the result of independently conducted research to determine the UK's most powerful brand, voting for by marketers and tens of millions of UK users.

It is the umpteenth consecutive year that we have received this accolade and we would like to thank everyone who supported us in the consumers poll. Credit Strategy independent journal evaluated and organised this prize. Investors Chronicle, a 150-year-old personal financial journal belonging to the Financial Times group, filled out a comprehensive form to evaluate their financial services companies against a number of different metrics.

Laureates selected and selected the winning entries with over 14,000 responses in all category groups. This prize is awarded to enterprises that are leaders in the field of finance. It was the 4th "Lender of the Year" prize we received in 2016 and a very particular one as it was chosen by the consumer in the Moneywise poll.

Many thanks to everyone who took part in the Moneywise poll. A Moneywise poll was used as the base for this decision, so we were very pleased to get this confirmation from our clients. It is our aim to deliver credit that works for the consumer and their finance, and this recognition is further confirmation of the better value and superior customer care we deliver.

Being the first between a P2P financier and a UK private client banking institution, the relationship was recognized for its innovative strength, further growth opportunities and beneficial effects on both businesses. Our company won the industry-wide contest to receive the award based on an expert review of our products, business innovations, client services, and MoneySuperMarket customers' opinion of us.

It is the third year in a row that we have received this accolade and we would like to thank everyone who supported us in the consumers poll. Our company was also praised in the Peer-to-Peer Provider of the Year competition and received the Best Customer Service Awards.

Under £25 million in sales at the Growing Business-award, presented by the Real Biz website, Lloyds Bank and the Confederation of British Industries. The jurors consider when awarding the prizes client services and sector leading as well as sales volume expansion. "Offering a high level of client commitment and outstanding services, it is a win-win situation for both borrower and lender.

" Deloitte Fast 50 is a recognition of innovative and entrepreneurial spirit and counts the 50 most rapidly expanding technological enterprises in the nation, counting on the sales increase of the last four years. The first was the Consumers of the Year Award, which was voted by a jury of experts who gave it to the UK's highest value consumer-oriented peer-to-peer credit system.

The second one was the People's Choice, an especially prestigious distinction as it was chosen by OldFi people. Moneywise is particularly proud of this as it has been accepted by the general population in the Moneywise consumers poll. Top 100 ranking of the 100 UK privately held technology firms with the highest growth rates over the last three years.

Meanwhile, the money facts prizes are awarded on the strength of a thorough review of the products by a body of sector professionals who keep an eye on everything from tariffs to after sales services. In the face of strong opposition from Sainsbury's Bank, Tesco Bank, M&S Bank, Lloyds and Hitachi Personal Finance, we won the prize and took it home with us.

Prizes are awarded on the strength of a 70,000 employee strong client poll, so we would like to thank everyone who cast their vote for us. It was the best consumer experience in the retail sector, drawing on the views of over 70,000 respondents to the money facts poll.

Jonathan, our head of marketing, and Didier, the leading data scientist, were on site to receive the prize. Top 100 UK Technology Transfer Technology (TMT) firms with the highest growth rates over the last three years. Now in its seventeenth year, the company's highly acclaimed accolades recognize the best consumer finance services out there.

We are the UK's premier peer-to-peer credit services, working to give our clients a true consumer choice over bank ers and a better way to loan and loan out. It is a very unique distinction as it is chosen by over 35,000 people. It is our first Consumer Moneyfacts Awards and we are very proud to have been awarded "Personal Loan Provider of the Year" and to have prevailed against the competitors of the big credit institutions.

For us, this accolade is very unique because it combines the response from nearly 80,000 client questionnaires and the experts to select the winner. This means that a win is only possible if our clients back our service and believe in it. Consumers' responses to all types of products, such as saving, mortgage and insurances, are the only basis for this.

Best Costumer Service" went to the finance provider, whose services were ranked the best by over 95,000 consumer votes in the Consumer Moneyfacts Survey. Proud of this distinction, we would like to thank everyone who supported us and will maintain our high standard for our clients.

Many thanks to the Moneynet staff for this honor and we look forward to trying to restore success for next year. It is the 4th year in a row that we have received this distinction, and even more surprising that they have been won in a row: 2010, 2011, 2012 and now 2013.

Many thanks to all who took part in the vote! Have a look at our Moneywise blogs for more. We have been elected'Most Trusted' for the third time in a row and are totally enthusiastic. More than 14,000 participants took part this year, making it the largest client satisfaction poll among UK finance companies. Many thanks to everyone who cast their vote for us!

We have been elected "Most Trusted" by our debtors for the second time in a row and have felt completely honored. With all our great members voting in the biggest UK poll of its kind (12,000 respondents!), we are proud to have once again defeated First Direct and Tesco Bank - and look forward to continuing the good work!

Those who won these prizes were selected from the UK's biggest consumer services poll. NESTA's Open 100 contest is the result of NESTA's quest to find the world's top 100 open innovations organizations that celebrate the strength of frankness and collaborative work. Smarta100 are the most thrilling, auspicious and groundbreaking new business in the UK, chosen by a jury as Michael Birch of Bebo, Sahar Hashemi of Coffee Republic and Deborah Meaden of Dragons' Den.

Those distinctions were established to acknowledge and honor the precalculated carriers who excel in terms of visibility and management. Webby is the world's premier online recognition for outstanding performance. Prizes are intended to "recognize global personal lines business excellence and performance. BCS Chief Executive David Clarke - "This year's honors are a convenient highlight of our 50-year jubilee year, which was extraordinary.

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