The PMI recognizes the advantages of an agile project management concept. Project Management Institute PMI® Training Any delegate intending to take the PMP examination before that date should still take our current PMI course offerings using the PMBOK Guide Edition version 6. - The PMI Projectmanagement Professional (PMP) certificate is the most important accredited certificate for professional PMI professionals in the world. The PMP® is recognised and in demand worldwide and shows that you have the expertise, training and competence to manage and supervise your work.

  • PMI's Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP) qualification is a response to the growing pace, complexities and variety of PMI projects. The PMI-SP® is recognised and in demand worldwide and fulfils the need for a specialised roll in planning projects. For detailed information on the training needs to maintain your certifications, please refer to the CCR Handbook, which is available on the PMI website.

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PMI's PDU Mysteries

There are many things a leader of a projects must be. But first and most of all, a senior management must be active. I' m going to write this in July 2008, there are seven more month in the year, and I want to help you figure out how you can win all the required PSUs very simply before the year is over.

Briefly, you can purchase a PDU in five different classes, and I will be highlighting them today to show you how simple it is. Group 1 is referred to as formal academic education. There are a number of ways to use a PDU depending on your professional activities and your self-directed learning, Kategorie 2. However, the simplest way to enroll a PDU in this class is to use the self-paced learning subclass.

You can use an additional 15 PDCs for a range of easy, self-learning tasks. Approximately six free of charge videocasts can be found using the phrase "Project Development Podcast" leading us to Cat 3, which relates to participation in education programmes provided by one of PMI's many Registered Education Providers (REP).

Several PMI chapters and PMI Specific Interest Groups (SIGs) even provide on-line tutorials with PMIs. They will also get 1 SDU for every lesson that participates in non-PMI REPs' non-PMI PMI related courses on PMI related projects managements. It is part of Group 4: If your company provides in-house PDM courses, for example, you can use 1 PDC per lesson.

Last but not least, there is class 5: Voluntary service for your PMI section. Admittedly, this will not make you PDU-rich, but voluntary work is highly worthwhile. There is a limit of 10 PSUs for eligible officers and 5 PSUs for full-time staff in this group. Thus, the primary objective of voluntary work for the section is clearly not the recruitment of the PDU.

To me myself, the most enjoyable and rewarding of all the volunteer units I get in my section are the ones I work with. Following the idea described in this paper, you can get all the PSUs you need in just a few month. Proactively earn your PSUs today!

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