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Edit PMI Pricing Rule In order to automatically adjust the value of the policies via the policy management interface (PMI), the PMI Processing rules must be stored in the price profiles. Price rules ensure that PMI cost estimates are handled and apply the proposed guideline value to the appropriate groups of products or send the operation to SFR depending on how your system setup is configured for PMI capability.

If a site is sent to SFR, the recommended retail charge will be accompanied by a verification notice stating that the insurance contract has been upgraded to the guideline value recommended by PMI. When the location is already in the SFR, the reviewed memo is added to all other existing reviewed memos.

There are no parameter settings in this rules. Adjust the following characteristics or parameter to appropriate levels and avoid websites being sent to SFR: Enable PMI capability and select whether to submit the website to SFR or whether to enforce the proposed guideline value when a new PMI value is proposed by choosing the appropriate item on the Product Group Characteristics page.

Once you have defined a quantity limitation for event-coded retail quantity permitted for PMI calculation, verify that you have the appropriate quantity of retail quantity for each of the products in the group. For more information, see Specifying the Revenue Impact Limits for PMI Computations. Please note: The Web site is sent to SFR when the event-coded revenue limits specified in the characteristics of the group of products are violated, and the PMI feature will prevent the PMI from implementing the proposed Policy Amendment.

Put the rules in a profiled page after the price has been optimized to take full benefit of the PMI feature. Parameter and properties: Parameter and properties: Parameter and properties: Parameter and properties: Parameter and properties:

What deductible do I have to bear with my medical plan?

You have probably accepted a deductible if you have ever taken out auto or household contents cover. The deductible is the amount of a loss that you have to cover yourself. Also, personal health insurances are no different with most with a choise of overspending. The majority of our products have a selection of surpluses ranging from £100 or £200 to £500.

If you have privately taken out health cover with a deductible of 200 per contract year. Your PMI coverage includes £1,000 valuable health care. The first £200 of the entitlement is paid by you and the rest 800 by your insuree. In general, your premium will be lower if you opt for a higher deductible.

Please note, however, that a higher deductible means that you will have to make a higher payment in the case of damage. The PMI polices have higher Excesses. At Briggs & Butler we can help you find the right personal health plan with the right deductible for you. By accessing a dozen polices, you can customize a policeline to meet the needs of you and your ancestor.

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