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PSI fee

Data, Charges and Formulars - The Pensions Management Institute For the April 2018 exams, the final date for entries is Friday, 26 January 2018. For the October 2018 exams, the final date for entries is Friday, 27 July 2018. You can find the 2018 exam schedule here. Deadlines for the April audit courses will be announced in March.

Auditing course for the October exams will take place in September. Additional charges must be paid for the availability of testing institutions abroad. You can download all the necessary registration documents, materials, exam participation documents and arrangements for the exam's sessions here:

Administrative fees:

Administrative fees: You should also consider whether these charges can be set over a two or three year term. Family: relatives: Make sure that members and their families join a system each year only at the time of contract extension. However, the only exceptions are when a member's life style changes, e.g. when he or she marries or has a baby and wants to include these relatives in the system.

Workplaces should be careful to levy a lump sum for all staff and only calculate higher percentages for all older pensioners who keep them in the system. It' pays to ask your supplier about the cost reductions that can be achieved by adapting the conditions of paying a contract, which can be up to 5% of the premiums.

Guideline for several procedures:

Guideline for several procedures: In case several operations are performed during a visit to the theater, we will discuss with you how much we can afford right from the start, which will usually be the case: Please be aware that the timetable is regularly refreshed, so changes may be made from year to year if this is the case.

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