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Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI) is the most important airport in Mallorca. Homepage - The Pensions Management Institute Established in 1976, the Pension Management Institute (PMI) is the UK's biggest and most recognised specialist organisation for workers and pensioners, with over 6,500 members in 32 different jurisdictions. PMI members, located in 8 geographies, are in charge of administering and consulting some of the world's biggest pension funds, investing 1 trillion in pension funds.

Promoting excellency through a variety of service offerings for the good of members, the entire business community and with over six million economies through automated registration, we help societies as a whole. It is the aim of the Institute "to establish and foster benchmarks for excellency and life-long education for pension provision specialists and fiduciaries through qualification, affiliation and on-going assistance services".

In order to do this, PMI offers: Our uniquely packaged service specifically designed for PMI members, offering a premium discount product and service offering across a wide variety of daily life items and solutions. With our high-calibre event program, you'll find inspiring contents, high-calibre lecturers, lively discussions and outstanding network possibilities that turn out to be the culmination of the pension calender.

PMI's yearly training program helps PMI members expand their expertise and abilities. Developed solely for the UK pension industry, our on-line job market provides a wide range of pension job opportunities from major recruiters and employer companies. We offer a range of current, pertinent and educational programs for pensioners and fiduciaries through our on-line TV list.

It has been designed in collaboration with Asset TV and provides a wide spectrum of presentation, commentary, interview and webcast by leading figures in the annuity world. The PMI Newsletter is our quarterly journal offering professional papers, NEST and Regulatory Board update, PMI event detail and qualifications update, regional group information, and a retiree vacancy line.

The PMI Technical News is our three-monthly monthly newsletters sent to all our occupational pension and fiduciary members. Complimentary entry to the Standard Life Investments education portal, which provides a broad spectrum of education assets intended to help develop careers and meet education needs. For fiduciaries we offer a variety of services: PMI Trust Group is devoted to providing assistance to specific trust and trust entities.

TRUSTE E Group's CPD system was established to recognize and award the Blue Riband trust bodies without creating additional bureaucracy. Present members come from over 100 UK pensions systems. APT (Awards in Pension Trusteeship) exams are two types of qualification for fiduciaries or prospective fiduciaries on the basis of the Pensions Regulatory Authority's curriculum.

These serve the purpose of formally recognising the TKU (knowledge and understanding) of a fiduciary in accordance with the provisions of the Pension Act 2004. This is our on-line resources covering important facets of the secretary's function on the Board of Curators. Twice a year, in June and November, we host a PMI Trust Group seminar to help trust officers concentrate on areas of concern and give them the information and instructions they need to make sure their organization's system works efficiently.

There are also a number of workshops and meetings addressed to the Board of Curators. This group' s objectives are to foster and foster the highest levels of professionalism among those who act as professionals in retirement trusts and to foster the roles of professionals in trusts. In 2012, after the automatic enrolment was introduced, this skill was developed to satisfy the needs of people who advise or implement the automatic enrolment requirement.

There was an outline of the employer's needs and responsibilities related to automatic registration and an appreciation of its operational and efficient use. According to the Pension Act 2008, the automatic registration requirement now applies to every UK employers and the registration/registration process is considered to be " normal practice ". After careful examination, the PMI has determined that it is appropriate to revoke the independent certificate of automatic enrollment in pensions, since automatic enrollment is accordingly documented by the PMI Advanced Diploma and the corresponding diplomas.

These qualifications are geared to the needs of seasoned (and qualified) pensioners who are in regular contact with members who choose an option from a retirement system. Since this guide is in the field of non-regulated counselling, the qualifications provide an outline of the difference between controlled and non-regulated counselling, the different kinds of retirement schemes and the elements to be taken into account when deciding on benefit.

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