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Affordable health insurance, get free online quote and instant protection now. Homeowner Protection Act 1998 Finance Definitions of the Homeowner Protection Act 1998

Law adopted in reaction to abuse in the PMI (Private Mortgages Insurance) sector.... House buyers who want to lend more than 80 per cent of the sale value of their home usually have to take out personal mortgages insurance, which pay the creditor in the case of delay and enforcement, with the buyer paying the premium through extra charges in addition to the montly mortgages paid: once the credit is granted at less than 80 per cent of the sale value or current value, there should be no need for insurance.

The law obliges PMI firms to inform the borrower of their right to terminate the insurance if the credit does not exceed 80 per cent of the value of the house, and it obliges them to terminate the insurance if the credit does not exceed 78 per cent of the value of the house.

Value is either predicated on the sale value or can be predicated on a current valuation, if the debtor is willing to order and settle a valuation, there are exemptions from the termination rule, especially if there has been a record of credit defaults.

Declaration of Best Practices for PMI Sales | Health Insurance

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