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"An insurance policy that protects the lender if you are unable to pay your mortgage. CFPB Considerations on Reversal and End of Privacy of Private Mortgages Insurance

The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection (CFPB) published a Federal Gazette (CFPB Gazette 2015-03) on 4 August 2015 to help mortgage lenders and subcontractors (service providers) meet their commitments to cancel and terminate PMI under the Homeowners Protection Act of 1998 (HPA). HPA was adopted by Congress to introduce unified PMI cancellations and cancellations throughout the country.

Borrowers can cancel the PMI cover by sending a letter of application to their servicer. As of the termination deadline1, the borrowers must fulfill certain prerequisites, otherwise the termination is postponed until the borrowers can prove good paying behaviour, a present state of the loans, no subordinated pledge on their own funds and a real estate value equivalent to or greater than the initial value.

CFPB will remind the service provider that the notice date is set at the initial value and not at the actual value of the real estate. The PMI cover is terminated by the system as soon as the borrowers are currently on the loans on the date of notice. PMI will cancel on the first of the first monthly period that begins after the Mortgagor becomes up-to-date on the Termination.

Once these requirements are fulfilled, an automated PMI shutdown is necessary even if the actual value of the real estate has fallen below the initial value. Service provider breaches were detected both for those customers who were currently due on the date of notice and for those customers who were past due on the date of notice but later became so.

Under the HPA, service providers may not require PMI cover beyond the first date of the following calendar quarter of the following calendar quarter if the debtor has the term of the debt at that date. It is important to note that the HPA only covers housing mortgages contracted on or after 29 July 1999, which means that from August 2014 onwards 30 year old mortgages were considered for definitive PMI cancellation by Standard. 7.3.2006 C 2.3.

CFPB reaffirms that service providers should have appropriate guidelines in place to target the definitive arrangements for terminating cooperation. HPA will prohibit a servicer from withdrawing PMI Awards more than 30 business days after the date of notice or more than 30 business days after receiving a Borrower's Notice Application or the date on which the Mortgagor meets all proof and certificate requirement for PMI Notice.

HPA also demands that the service provider returns these premium transfers to the Mortgagor no later than 45 calendar days following completion or notice of the Mortgagor's PMI Cover. The CFPB has, however, noted an incorrect recovery of undeserved PMI bonuses and undue delay in the handling of the borrower's PMI reversal request and has found in one or more previous investigations that some service providers have a policy of transferring the amount of bonuses refunded to the borrower's trust fund.

A minimum of one servicer has been quoted to hold undetermined returns on the borrower's trust instead of giving them back to the lender. The HPA will require service providers to make annually available in writing declarations that disclose the borrower's right to terminate or terminate the PMI. This disclosure must include an email and phone number where the Mortgagor can call the Service Provider to verify that the Mortgagor can terminate the PMI.

Investors' directives, as well as government-sponsored enterprises ("GSEs"), can be enforced by service providers, but must take HPA into account. Service providers may not fully depend on the investment guideline components as these investment rules cannot limit the PMI's right of call and withdrawal granted by the HPA to creditors. Unfortunately, CFPB has seen service providers confuse or replace the HPA requirement with an element of investment policy, which has led them to unreasonably reject a borrower's denunciation application.

Since time value is not a determinant of the'termination date', the HPA's rules on automated cancellation do not allow service providers to oblige a debtor to make a real estate appraisal payment as a requirement for automated PMI terminations. Service providers must make sure that their guidelines and processes comply with the HPA and that existing checks are in place to detect those creditors who are entitled to have their PMI reporting automatically terminated.

Service Partners must surrender any undeserved PMI Awards that go directly to the Mortgagor within 45 business days and are not placed in the Mortgagor's Trust Deposit for an indefinite period of time. There are no HPA maturity criteria for a credit before a debtor can demand repayment or be entitled to PMI redemption.

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