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PMI rates maintained by Universal Provident The Universal Provident coverage for payments, trips and mortgages is also provided at actual rates. It is part of the Personal Group, a social services company that currently provides services to over 2 million people. Watson's Global Health Trends Survey for 2014 found that in 2013 healthcare inflation was 5.1%, with a forecast rise for 2015 slightly below the EU averages.

{\pos (192,210)}Dale Tranter, Assistant Group Underwriting Man at Universal Provident, said:

Pounds are jumping as positive PMI figures support expected prices from the BoE. However, the PMI has not yet reached its high level.

Sterling recovered against many of its rivals today as GBP traders welcomed the release of the latest British poll on the tertiary goods industry. On Wednesday, the British currency found a welcome easing as market sentiment responded to the release of the latest British PMI on value-added securities. The IHS Markit report that the UK tertiary index rose from 54 to 55.1 in June, surpassing forecasts for economic recovery and recording the sector's highest rate of recovery since October.

In June, the optimistic PMI cut off a threefold of better-than-expected PMI results from the UK and supported the expectation that the UK economies will have recovered in the second trimester, with speculators pointing to a Bank of England (BoE) interest rate-raise next months. GBP/EUR rates rose by around 0.2% on Wednesday as the Euro-Zone's own PMI numbers turned out to be less positive for the EUR and corporate confidence in the block became progressively gloomier last week.

The GBP to US Dollars parity remained stable during yesterday's meeting, with increasing trading spreads that allowed US Dollars buying to halt the progress of the Pounds, but with the "greenback" not able to buck as US market was shut down for Independence Day festivities. The GBP today's investor will concentrate on a BoE Governor Mark Carney address in which market participants will assess whether Carney will be prepared to adopt a more falconry stance following the recovery in Q2 economic activity.

Simultaneously, the strength of the EUR seems to be strengthening today, after news that some members of the European Central bank (ECB) have reported that an interest increase at the end of 2019 will be "too late" to raise hope that the ECB could revise its forecast for an increase early next year. After all, the U.S. is likely to see the largest move in the forex market today, with the U.S. dateline showing U.S. ADP job creation numbers, the ISM PMI excluding fabrication, and the June Federal Reserve session report.

As a result, the U.S. dollar may see an acceleration during Thursday's meeting, especially as the PMI numbers show that U.S. services activities have intensified in June.

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