Poor Credit Card Checker

Bad credit card checker

Review the Terms and Conditions of the Credit Transfer Offers. Am I acceptable for a credit card? What was the charge for rejecting me for a credit card? It can be unbelievably disappointing when you request a credit card and are rejected - especially if you are not given why. Often the creditor to whom you are applying says that you have been ineffective, but gives no further indication as to why this was the case.

But it is likely that you failed for one of two reasons: you didn't fulfill the search for your creditor or your credit record let you down. As we have already said, the problem is that each creditor is looking for something else. At the moment you may just not be in the right client group.

E.g. the card you have requested may have been intended for a house owner with an income of more than £40,000 per year. In order to prevent this, it is a good idea to take a look at the different credit card types on the open credit card markets and see if you can find out the kind of client you are turning to.

Odds are that the players for whom the tickets are intended are probably the most likely to be approved. Loan history: Requesting the fake credit card is not the only cause of your rejection; your creditworthiness may have been taken against you. When your credit reports show a story of accountable lending - which means that you have fully or almost fully repaid your account every single monthly and never failed to repay it - you probably don't have to care about it against you.

Yet, if your credit reports shows a complicated history of borrowing in the past - maybe you have failed on repayments in the past, made repeated requests for credit within a brief period of amount of order, taken on a debt settlement such as a debt-management scheme, been told bankrupt or even the topic of prosecution by your lenders has been clarified - the lender you are applying for is likely to be particularly wary about you lending from them.

At the other end, if you have no credit histories to talk about because until now you have been avoiding taking out credit, this may also be against you. It is important for many creditors that they can see proof that you are able to lend and repay in a timely manner, and if you have never done so before, it makes it more difficult to demonstrate that you can be held accountable - whether you do or not.

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