Prepaid Credit Card Netherlands

Credit card prepaid Netherlands

You don't even like embossed debit cards, they call it prepaid credit cards. Visa / Mastercard Debit in Holland credit cards. See how best to take your travel money with you to the Netherlands:

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Visas Travel Money (Plus), MasterCard Travel Card (Maestro et Cirrus) et American Express Global Travel (Amex). It'?s not so widespread in Europe. I cannot say for sure about Denmark, Norway or Sweden, but in NL and BE VISA Maestro and Cirrus are all very much acceptable. It'?s just a British debit card caveat.

Based on the fact that we knew that credit card payments are not generally acceptable in the Netherlands, we decided to use a Travelex Prepay direct debit card (free use abroad and good currency conversion rates). Widely acceptable, both at ATMs and in shops. Upon arriving in the Netherlands, we found that neither they (Mastercard Debit) nor our normal UK Visa Direct debits were acceptable in any facilities where credit card acceptance was not available.

They can be used where Visa or Mastercard credit card is acceptable, but not in places where only direct debit card is acceptable, unless your card also has a Maestro icon. In large towns, credit card (and British debit) numbers are more widely used, but cannot be used to buy rail passes, for example, so you'll have a tough time buying a rail pass unless you can buy it at a busy railway terminal.

In general, they are very sympathetic and allow you to get on and get a pass at a busy train depot. I would use as much as possible with the card to withdraw as much currency from the ATM.

Visa / Mastercard direct debit in Holland

Did I ask myself if there was any suggestion that my Natwest Visa Debit as well as my Tesco Mastercard credit card did not work in Holland? What better card to use in Holland? Does this have to do with the Maestro system? Make sure you see the Visa and Mastercard logos on the devices or card readers before inserting your card.

Otherwise, ask the seller if the device accepts either Mastercard or Visas. Apart from tourists' businesses, shopping centres and upscale businesses, etc., credit card and the type of British banking card are not normally acceptable in the Netherlands. They use Maestro credentials that have been made out by their own banking institution, so if such things are available in the UK, they can work.

You can withdraw money at automated teller machines that do not use a card, so this is the easiest way. The Supercard is handled like a credit card. Fees that traders would have to owe to settle transactions with such card are simply not tolerable. â Surely big stores and super markets take all the regular tickets; I've never had a trouble with that before.

However, only Maestro credit card issues in the Netherlands will be accepted by pubs, cafés and smaller stores. It' tiresome to see in a pub how everyone puts their card in the machines when they get a pint and I have to spend money each and every single day.... I' ve seen many instances where folks have tried to buy a fare for getting around an airport, rail or metro vending machines.

If they have determined that their card is not working, they begin to be puzzled and think something bad with their card. They do not realize that the device only accepts the Mastercard payments (e.g. a number of Mastercard direct debits). No Visa / Mastercard logos are visible on the machinery.

So, if they use their Visa / Master card, the payments will of course not be processed....

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