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Where is the difference between a prepaid credit card, a debit card and a credit card? Business prepaid debit or credit cards are safer than cash and better than cheques. And you can even provide your employees with additional prepaid business cards. Prepaid cards are a convenient and secure alternative to cash and checks. Recharge your prepaid card online at the post office or at cash registers in the UK.

How come I can't buy Visa Gift Certificates with a Visa credit or debit cards? "<font color="#ffff00">CBS Sacramento

Fashion isto (CBS13) - Larry Durham said he was refused Visa gifts because he wanted to use a Visa debit and debit slip. to buy $500 in visa vouchers for the whole damn familiy. But he said that Raley said he couldn't use a Visa debit line; they would only take currency or payment orders.

Said Save Mart had said the same thing to him. We' ve sent our producers of undercovers to the same groceries. We at Save Mart were informed that Visa present tickets can only be bought with a direct debit as well as in cold currency. asked our broadcasterducer. Saving Mart's teller answered. "I can buy this with a major fucking plastic?"

asked our mascot manufacturer and showed the treasurer the Visa present to her. said the Raley teller. Now, are your credentials okay to use or not? Consumers spokesman Joe Ridout said not every business has a no-credit policy. Yet, he said some businesses have made a rule because baddies buy present tickets cheatily on loan.

Also he said that some folks will raise reward points on their credit cards, a few with bar odds. At the end, he paid for his visa present card in hard cash, but thinks that the guidelines of these businesses should be post before you come to the checkout. Visas has informed us that there are no regulations that dictate how to buy vouchers.

You said you could use a visa or other major cash to buy them. Lots of Visa, MasterCard or American Express logo vouchers levy charges up to $6.95.

Via prepaid cards

On this page everything revolves around prepaid calling plans.... Learn what prepaid calling plans are, how does a prepaid calling plan differ from your prepaid calling plan and how do they work? Learn more about why you need to consider a MasterCard, VISA or Maestro prepaid calling plan and whether prepaid calling plans can actually help you establish your loan record.

The prepaid calling codes look like calling codes but work differently. They can be used anywhere where Maestro, MasterCard or Visa is accepted (depending on the prepaid payment method, but you can only issue up to the available amount on your card). Prepaid calling allows you to top up your prepaid account and use it to make shopping and receive currency - you don't borrow currency from a local banking establishment or other entity.

Known also as a prepaid debit or simply as a prepaid calling plan, a prepaid debit is similar to a normal debit except that there is really no line of sight as such and that the money available on the plan is actually the money you have uploaded to the plan.

Thus basically a prepaid calling line is not really a calling line at all. A prepaid cardholder's account is usually subject to a number of charges, usually related to issuing, charging, use and payment in full. Dependent on the scheme you select, you can receive a monthly payment or as you go prepaid payment you will be able to make payments.

They are particularly useful for those with poor credibility or no previous record of credits, and in such cases the advantages of prepaid calling plans far exceed all these possible additional costs. Most importantly, a prepaid calling plan doesn't give you easy entry to credits - so you don't have to do and stand up to any loan reviews as such.

It also means that even if you have poor credibility, a non-existent loan record or even CCJ's, you are still more than likely to be eligible for a prepaid calling plan. The majority of UK prepaid cardholders can check your data on-line to give you immediate authorisation, and your prepaid debit line would be delivered by mail in 7-10 workingdays.

Well, the most important advantages are that prepaid calling card is available to everyone, regardless of their pecuniary state. We do not have a loan check and no banking account is required to request these prepayment loan payment methods. Pre-paid calling card allows you to issue without worrying about debts or scams to millions of merchants either on line or on the major road.

The prepaid calling codes can be MasterCard, Maestro or Visa brands. Prepaid MasterCard can be used for shopping at the shop, on-line and on the telephone at over 28 years of age. Now, they are really the same, except that in case of a prepaid calling plan, you need to top up your funds on the plan before you can begin with the expenses and there is no balance.

A prepaid calling plan works like a regular credit or debit calling plan except that all prepaid calling plans are authorized by the prepaid calling planter. Unlike a debit or a credit card where you may exceed your limits or your bank draft, you are limited and can only issue money that you have in your prepaid area.

It' s like paying when you use your cell phones, where when you run out of money you can't make any more incoming phones! As soon as you run out of funds in your prepaid accounts, you need to top up before you can use them. Indeed, since prepaid calling is just like using your direct debit and/or your corporate ID number, you can top up your salary while using your prepaid calling to go to your cell in!

But if you loose your badge or drop it somewhere, unless you put your personal identification number on your badge (which you should NEVER do), your cash is still secure. Just call your ISP, enter your data and lock your smartphone and/or order a new one. Non-contact prepaid debit is different from normal prepaid debit in that the information is retrieved by the smartphone.

On the other side, a prepaid smart phone saves its information on a chip imbedded in the cards synthetic material. It is equipped with a wireless aerial, which is able to transfer the cards information without touching it to a smartphone. With the help of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification ) wireless transmission technologies, a prepaid smart phone can transfer information to a dedicated RFID smart phone reading device when the owner moves his smart phone within a few feet of the recipient.

┬┐Who is accepting prepaid non-contact calling plans? Currently, prepaid non-contact debit lines are only available at selected grocery shops, petrol station, cinemas and quick service outlets. Driving non-contact motion is to convince users to use plastics comfortably in places that are traditional currency-rich. Whilst only a few retailers are accepting non-contact payment, it is anticipated that the solution will soon become widely available, as a broad introduction is forecast for the coming years.

Whose prepaid non-contact calling plans are they? Prepaid non-contact calling plans are available from MasterCard PayPass, Visa Kontaktless and American Express ExpressPay. The Altair Financial Services Group is one of the UK's premier providers of MasterCard non-contact debit products recently tested for the 2007 Brit Awards and a test program to supply Europe's first prepaid non-contact debit calling system, the Manchester City FC MasterCard Prepaid Seasoncard with PayPass?, MBNA and MasterCard, replacing the current default permanent debit calling system currently available to fans.

Indeed, prepaid calling is a new and exhilarating way of making payments that can be used in virtually any area for the good of the company or the user. As this is a new emerging area, however, there is so little cover and publicity from the branch or bank on prepaid debt or " prepaid card " as they are commonly known, and as so few bank support prepaid card, it is quite simple to conclude that prepaid are fraud.

In fact, prepaid cardholders have much more stringent rules than other eCards such as direct debits and credits because there is no cheque or giro transfer to get one. Getting a prepaid calling card is so simple and fairly everyone who is applying gets one, the rules around using or prepaid calling cards, the issuer and the communications is much more stringent especially for those calling for under 18 years of age. Getting a prepaid calling line is a simple and fairly straightforward process.

Why don't you get the bank to promote prepaid calling plans? Now, the fact is that banking houses are finance institutes that have an obligation to their stockholders and interest groups to make cash, and make lots of cash for them. Bankers seem to be seduced by the notion of prepaid calling plans as an option and may include unpunished customers in their client databases, but the risks of coping with their current portfolio of prepaid calling plans with a much lower margin is a business no.

By the end of the workday, bankers cannot calculate interest on arrears, interest on deposits and/or the sale of debts to collection agencies, charges for overdrafts, etc. on prepaid cards because there are no credits available on prepaid cards, there is no draw and you do not get or owe interest, which means there is no debts.

Therefore, the only way how a bank earns cash with prepaid debit is to charge an early charge, usually around 10 to buy the calling and then a top-up or royalty. But as the franchise grows and more and more prepaid cardholders and emitters embark with some of the market's biggest brand-name brand names, prepaid line margin has continued to decline, making the prepaid cardholder even less appealing to retailers.

Now most prepaid debit lines can be recharged for almost nothing or allow payments of royalties or allow free UK or global trade at the point of sales - therefore not very appealing as a source of income for those banking institutions used to receiving debit CAs. There would be good news if some big banking houses would bring a prepaid calling plan onto the market, and for them there is the possibility, even if they do not see it.

While Altair Financial Services, a leader in prepaid financial services, offers an outstanding debate on how banking can profit from a prepaid financial services offering, we do not yet see how banking is taking a big step forward. Actually, prepaid calling plans are by far a better offer than any single calling plan can be for certain clients to choose from and for others to demand.

Comparing the real costs of using a prepaid calling plan and a debit is almost always a win-win situation, and they do not have any of the risk associated with having a regular debit as well. Prepaid cards are not fraud, bankers have no concealed intentions, but there is a reluctance to inform the consumers and bank prepaid cards for fear of cannibalizing existent debit cards channel and replace a much more lucrative source of income with a much more circumspect and user-friendlier prepaid cards system.

Do I need to get a MasterCard, Maestro or Visa prepaid credit cards? ... In addition, the odds that a MasterCard prepaid calling cards will be acceptable on casino, games and grown-up websites are much higher than a Maestro calling plan. On the downside, even in a protected and secured setting, a MasterCard is probably more appealing to scammers than a Maestro is.

If you are risk-averse and your primary use is for on-line and/or UK roadside purchases, then a Maestro map may be right for you. Completelybranded Visa or MasterCard tickets are acceptable to tens of thousands of merchants around the globe. As Maestro and electron adoption levels rise, there are still many places where you would have difficulty using the map to buy goods.

Take-up of Maestro is continually being improved and current take-up of cards is around 960,000 UK and 7 million UK and global outlets. More than 100 nations accepted Maestro. But many don't, so be sure to verify your acceptability before you buy a prepaid Maestro calling plan for your vacation pay or your overseas bank wire transfers.

You can use Maestro prepaid calling plans wherever you see the Maestro or Cirrus pay stamp at ATMs around the world. Currently, MasterCard is widely used at merchants and ATMs around the world where you will see the MasterCard (or Maestro/Cirrus) bill. Use your prepaid MasterCard at more than 25 million sites around the world.

The Visa prepaid calling cards work like a Visa loan or debt cards, with the sole difference that each and every transfer must be authorized digitally. We accept your Visa prepaid calling cards at over 12 million sites around the world and in over 160 nationalities. The Visa Electron is acceptable at over 1 million ATMs that carry the Visa or PLUS identification.

Because prepaid calling plans do not fall under the Consumer Loan Act (CCA), you do not really have the purchasing protections you have with a consumer credit and until recently prepaid calling plan suppliers had not taken any steps as such to protect them. Two prepaid calling plans, however, have taken steps to protect the consumer.

There are many people who are not conscious of the CCA. According to Section 75 of that law, when a customer purchases something with his own plastic key, his agreement is with both the dealer (retailer) and the undertaking issuing hiskart. CCA will cover everyone with a single charge but since prepaid calling plans do not come under CCA because the banks do not lend funds, you are not insured.

Only very few prepaid calling plan companies are offering this kind of shelter. Even if you only want to use your prepaid calling plan to share your funds with your host abroad, this is not very important for you. The majority of the major, well-established prepaid calling plan operators assume responsibility for cheating and actually protect the calling plans on-line so that you are insured in the event of one.

Certain maps provide some security for the consumers and cover the shopping during transport or in the household for a certain period of the year. However, this differs from map to map. Now, the response is NO and this can be disappointing as certain purchase such as purchasing your loyalty map requires safe 3-D validation before accepting it.

The 3-D Secure is an XML-based log that serves as an additional secure tier for on-line loan and debt operations. Visa designed the 3-D Secure Protocols to enhance the safety of web payment processing and to offer Verified by Visa customer support. MasterCard also took over the protocol-based MasterCard SecureCode and JCB internationally J/Secure protocols.

In order for your prepaid calling plan to work with the 3-D secured website, the issuer and your calling plan must be signed up with 3-D secured, which is seldom the case with prepaid calling plans. Therefore, as a precautionary measure, if you see the following logo on a website and it says that it needs safe 3-D authentification, it is very likely that your credit may not be acceptable as a method of pay.

It allows people under the age of 18, who are usually not permitted to use a major bank account or charge cards, to purchase goods and services on-line and use the cards as credits instead of carry around hard currency. Users can also get used to the responsibilities of managing their monies in a more "adult" way, spending allowances, currency, receipts can be added to the cards and they can pay for it accordingly.

Even if a toddler needs money for a fast settlement, but is not close to a parents/relatives, money can be uploaded to the prepaid debit from a remote parents/relatives. Most of the prepaid retail American Express calling plans, however, are available for the US merchant and there is a very restricted distribution of AMEX prepaid calling plans in the UK merchant segment.

Your prepaid calling plan does not create hard copy excerpts, so the response is NO. Most prepaid credit cards companies will, however, invoice you on hard copy if you make an explicit application. Thus, in essence, if you really really want a statement, your prepaid calling plan supplier will give you one out, but since you have to specifically call it out if you want it, it also means that there are no awkward instructions showing up on your door step and how and where you are spending your money quite exactly is your bussiness.

Their prepaid cards are usually either 12, 24 or 36 monthly cards, with a 12-month term being the one most prepaid cards sell. This can be checked in the Prepaid Cardholder's General Business Policy before requesting your Prepaid Cards. Most of the time, when your prepaid expires, the prepaid cardholder will notify you to ask you to extend your prepaid credit balance or ask for a new one.

It can be free or it costs you the same as requesting a new one. Several prepaid credit cards companies can even offer you a new credit line automatic and charge you for every credit available in your bankroll. As soon as you have a new Prepaid Cards, each credit on your Prepaid Cards will be credited to your new Prepaid Cards.

If, however, you decide not to extend your credit cards, you can apply for a refund. You are advised to read the General Business Policy to make sure that you are informed of the expiry date of your Prepaid Credit Cards, what can occur with the credit on your Prepaid Credit Cards after the expiry date and the charges associated with the refund of the credit.

Many prepaid calling plans aim to serve a non-English audience. The prepaid calling plans are often used by expatriate employees or immigrant employees for whom they are a useful means of currency and send cash home to a family. Most of the prepaid calling plan websites feature a bilingual website to help those who do not have native Englishs.

The aim is to make it easy for them to grasp the characteristics of the map, to know how and where they can top up money and to give them a brief overview of the associated costs and surcharges. This tends, however, to be limited to the brochures section of the website or the map using requirements and request and account administration pages are usually in English.

In order to give non-English speaking people a truly overall feel and comfort, we expect that prepaid calling companies and on-line companies in general still have a lot to do to find out about the latest prepaid calling news in the medium. Now, the judges are aware of this, but at this point you should stay away from emitters who do.

While prepaid calling can be a very useful tool for those with a good financial standing, many prepaid calling companies aim their prepaid calling at those with poor or no financial standing. As the number of IVA's (Individual Voluntary Arrangements) and bankruptcies increases, the UK is experiencing a growth in the number of people who are not able to obtain a conventional loan or debt card- without having to pay excessive surcharges.

But because you load your own funds onto your prepaid calling cards and the issuing company does not lend you funds, information about your prepaid checking accounts is usually not shared with the loan agencies (Equifax and Experian). So while you can keep a sound bankroll and run your accounts within the limits set by the cards companies, this good story will not enhance your solvency.

Only a few emitters currently provide those with a bad rating with the "chance" to increase their rating with a prepaid calling plan. While the thought is apparently "noble" and you have a rather smart looking website, it binds you to this emitter for a 12 monthly term and if you want to get out of this arrangement 12 monthly ago, your loan record could be adversely affected because you broke your "loan agreement".

In the past, words like "secret" and "condescending" have been used to describe the schema, with some members being insulted by what they see as the issuers' belief that they are "stupid enough" to take this at face value.

So, at this stage, pay attention to any prepaid calling plan supplier that is offering to help in building your loan histories, but keep in mind that your loan histories has no effect on your prepaid calling use. At this point, there is little evidence that these maps actually share your information with either Expert or Equifax, but it shows that prepaid map operators are taking more initiatives to create a scheme that helps people with bad ratings.

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