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Premier Equity Mortgage, West Covina, California. N, who specialize in prime and near-prime loans, feel the pain. The weaknesses creep into higher-quality US mortgages.

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The Help to Buy program is a governmental program that could make it easier to climb the case leaders. Buying a house with only 5% down payment will help current homeowners and first-time purchasers. You have two options for buying a home worth up to £600,000 with the help of buying assistance:

  • Mortgage guarantee - available for both used and new real estate with a default mortgage of up to 95% of the initial upside. - Equity loans - available for new buildings only with a state equity facility of 20% of the acquisition cost plus a conventional mortgage. From October 2013 Help to Buy has been expanded so that it is possible to buy any real estate under £600,000 - be it a new or used house - with only 5% down payment.

Mortgage application and repayment processes are the same as for a regular mortgage - there is really very little variation for the purchaser. It aims at increasing the access of purchasers with a 5% margin to competitively priced mortgage loans.

This will be made possible by the goverment guarantee of the mortgage refund to the creditor, which will be handled behind the curtains by the participant creditors. In the following you will find a short check list who is suitable for the program: Talk to a real estate agent, mortgage advisor or independent financial advisor for further guidance on admission requirements, which credit providers offer the program and what suits you best.

By helping to purchase an equity loan, the federal loan grants you up to 20% of the costs of a new construction home, so you only need a down payment of 5% and a mortgage of 75% to balance the balance. Equity Loan Plan is only available from accredited, participant developers. What does the Equity Loan Program do?

They will not charge any borrowing charges for the 20% equity loans for the first 5 years of ownership of your home. You will be billed a 1.75% charge on the value of the sixth year mortgage, which increases each year by the index of retailer prices plus 1%.

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