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Personal loans

Personal loans | University of Oxford You may be able to use a private US loan to help your study if you are not a candidate for a US government grant. It is recommended that you check the US government loans before you apply for a US private home mortgage, as government loans are often less expensive and most US college and college children are entitled to them.

U.S. private college loans do not allow you to lend more money than U.S. state loans. On our Loan Type and Loan Amount pages, you can make comparisons between German government and private loans. Self-confirmation forms for personal loans can be useful for those requesting this kind of financing. For information on how to fill out the application request forms, please send an e-mail to the US Credit Support Group.

Sallie Mae will work with any creditor you select, but Sallie Mae is the only US creditor we know is willing to provide to pupils at a overseas institution, so the information on this page relates to Sallie Mae's recruitment procedure. In various places in the format where you are asked to submit supportive documentation, it is important to submit this in order to prevent delay in processing your mortgage.

Apply to Sallie Mae (or the creditor of your choice if he is willing to work at a secondary education establishment abroad). On your job offer you must use the right name for the schools. Use your university name as your academic name, unless your degree program is below, in which case you should choose "University of Oxford" (code 008394).

Please use the right name for your education when applying, otherwise we will not be able to authenticate your credit. Submitting your request early and changing your finance information afterwards can affect the way your loans are processed. WEG is a useful way to determine the amount you are permitted to lend, and therefore requests the right amount of credit from Sallie Mae.

You will be sent an e-mail either to acknowledge that your credit request has been accepted or to discuss any questions regarding your request. After approval, we will e-mail you a verification e-mail confirming your amount of credit and your withdrawal information. Your credit will be delivered as a flat rate on or around the date specified in your credit verification e-mail.

You must notify Oxford's US lending staff at least one working day before your withdrawal date if you wish to void your credit request, otherwise you will be responsible for all foreign exchange translation charges associated with the return of your credit to your creditor.

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