Process for Obtaining a home Loan

Method for obtaining a housing loan

But there is little to do to speed up the process, and honestly, you shouldn't want to. Heath is not part of the subscription process for a mortgage. Non-resident Italy; a simpler procedure for applying for a mortgage.

Initial buying process

Keep in mind that the selling is what the salesman is hoping to get, but you may be able to negotiate a lower selling rate. You will make an estimate to see what the value of the real estate is. You will also need to find a lawyer or agent to take charge of the ownership of the property.

If you swap, you are signing a legal agreement that obliges you to purchase the real estate. You must make your down payment, the agreement must be executed and replaced with the seller's lawyer or agent, and the two parties arrange an appointment to conclude the sales. Here, your lawyer or sponsor will have conducted all necessary investigations of the area.

You also need to have building insurance in place in case something happens with the property before you move in. When you buy a rental apartment, this can be done by the lessor who own the apartment. It' just a matter of getting the keys to your new home - then the real estate will become yours in a legal way.

Every form was filled out, the stamp duty was payed and the amount was sent to the seller's lawyer.


Italia has always been considered a fascinating place all over the world: visitors from abroad are intrigued by historic towns of artistic interest and by the different types of landscape with stunning vistas, from the mountain peaks to the coastline. Foreigners who come to Italy often fell in love with our land and our cultures and choose to buy a home here.

While some of them see it as a place where they can move around on a permanent basis after they retire, others want a vacation home where they can enjoy their free moments in peace, others choose to buy in strategically located places to lease the home for tourist use. Buying a home in Italy, however, is often restricted by several factors that are associated with red tape.

One of the biggest challenges among them is the difficulties of obtaining a home loan in Italy, and sometimes even overseas customers choose to give it up. Our services are aimed at individuals (not companies) from all over the globe who have income in various currency and are interested in obtaining a mortgages in Italy for the purchase or renovation of a real estate.

Many years of partnership with the main IT institutions allow us to quickly analyse the viability of a mortgages request and process it from the IT bank system active in our office. Our collaboration with ambassadors all over the globe to help our customers legalize all the documentation needed by a bank to obtain a loan is another important focus.

We have a multilingual consulting and expert staff that supports the customer every stage of the way, provides administrative assistance and provides ongoing updating on how to process the job applications. Acquiring a mortgaged property in Italy for an expatriate resident in Italy and registered in the A.I.R.E. (Register of expatriate Italians) has many benefits.

Indeed, it is possible for Italy's nationals residing abroad to obtain a favourable rating from Italy's banking institutions, which are less stringent towards customers with strong ties to Italy than towards candidates residing abroad and with income from abroad; significant fiscal benefits related to the acquisition of the first house in Italy without relocation; a simpler process for applying for a mortgages.

The TOP ItalyALIAN resort helps you find the best solutions in the field of banks in Italy and offers a guaranteed professional services for foreign-residents. A. I. R. E. can accept the following categories: Italy nationals who have been going abroad for more than one year; Italy nationals who have been raised and are still alive abroad; Italy nationals who have acquired it abroad and are still alive abroad; A. I. R. E. registrations give you the opportunity to obtain the assistance of the Spanish Consulate Offices; to coordinate and obtain the necessary documentation abroad by post; to marry or partner abroad; and much more.

For more information on the A.I.R.E., please visit the special page of the Ministry of International Cooperation and International Affairs' website. 120 quarters (loans funded in other currencies). When the loan is made in a different denomination (a denomination other than that with which the Customer is earning his wages or working to repay the loan, or a denomination other than the lawful denomination in the EU country in which the Customer is domiciled at the time of the conclusion of the contract), the Customer has the right to change the denomination of the denomination in the following cases and modalities:

  • Monetary denomination of the major part of its income or the provision of its reimbursement-related services, as defined in the most recent review of the loan agreement. - This is the lawful payment denomination in the EU country in which the customer was resident at the time the agreement was signed or at the time the conversion application was made.

CICR may determine the terms and condition of the right of conversion for the purposes of the Banca d'Italia, in particular for: - At the time of signing the contracts, the amount of the minimal fluctuation in the foreign currency parity used must not exceed the amount indicated in point 4. - The possible all-inclusion charge to which the financial backer is entitled in accordance with the contractual arrangement.

Exchanges shall be made at the rates recorded by the European Central Bank on the date of the application, unless otherwise specified in the Treaty. In the event that the conversion rates between the Customer's Euro and the Euro exceed 20% (compared to the conversion rates in force at the time of signing the contract), the Customer shall be authorised by the Banking, informing the latter, to demand the conversion of its debt into its own Euro.

In this way, the customer is no longer exposed to currency risks. The search for the right real estate is an important stage in the buying process. Buying a letter of credit involves a number of difficulties, both legal and procedural, especially when it is a letter of credit. Our firm cooperates with specialised legal offices that assist the customer in the most difficult stages of the purchasing process (i.e. drawing up the pre-contract and the sale and loan agreements) in order to provide our customers with the best broker services.

We are able to interact with our customers in the most popular language. During the pretense and signing of the agreement, however, professionals interpreters/translators are present if the written documents are in a language other than Italy and the customer is not familiar with it.

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