Property backed Loans

Loans financed by real estate

Loans are in some cases secured by physical assets such as property, plant and equipment or inventories. ABL (Asset-based Lending) is a way for larger companies to tap into financing through assets such as invoices, inventories, machinery or commercial real estate. Asset-supported peer-to-peer real estate investment platform With our real estate credit business capabilities, we are able to provide our clients with a high risk-adjusted return on fully audited real estate secured loans. Taking the initial responsibility for the property, we provide collateral where appropriate, as well as a surety for our loans on your account, which means that our investor must first be paid back by the borrowers.

With our risk-controlled credit processing we offer an outstanding 5.5%* p.a. yield on your investments. Our financing or loans are limited to clients who can provide security for their loans with properties such as lands or plots and, if necessary, with extra guarantees. With over 100 years of experience, our seasoned asset manager is a property-based credit expert.

We have developed our proven "7 Step Approach to Credit Control " credit management processes to minimize credit exposure and maximize return on your investments. Though our rig is new, it's not our game. Below are some fully financed R&D and capital expenditure project samples from our portfolios with their forecasted return and exposure profiles. This is the first experience I've had with a peer-to-peer (P2P) real estate financing solution that offers institutionally superior real estate financing with the simplicity of an on-line equities dealing platform."

The return on our easy-to-use operating system is straightforward. Open a non-binding bank on our site and get an impression of the best deals for you. Establish an on-line bank on our website. There is a £100 threshold required. Select your assets and begin granting credit! This is a great way to easily buy real estate!

As our institutions believe in the businesses we choose, they choose to reinvest in our loans. Have a look at the actual possibilities of investments. Investing in a mortgage puts your assets at stake. In order to better appreciate the inherent dangers of your investments, please read our Venture Price Alerts.

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