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real estate lending

BoE fears that lenders should not be too exposed to "lending to real estate". Cass Commercial Property Lending Report (CRE Lending Report) is the most comprehensive report on commercial property lending in the UK. Select a property Be part of the Fellowship that redefines real estate finance and start earning up to 10% p.a. on your cash.

The property in which you invest your monies can be selected. Or, browse the automatic choices and our specialist staff can make the choice for you.

Get up to 10% p.a. interest on your investment. According to your commitment, you can either pick a property or try our Automatic options. From our range, please pick the property for which you would like to borrow your cash. And the credit parametres on which you place your resources.

Examples could comprise the loan-to-value relationship, the interest as well as the credit period. With our expert knowledge, we then choose the right property and strive for the best possible yield. Choose a particular mortgage from the real estate portfolios or choose a mortgage book in Automatch. Just chill out and look forward to a guaranteed interest of up to 10% p.a. on your credits. All credits are protected against industrial and housing property by a first or second court fee.

Up to 85% of the loan-to-value we provide, and never more, so all borrower have to put in their own capital, which is at stake before your credit. There are no need for intermediaries in order to make both lending and taking out loans more visible and cheaper. Our credit facilities are demanding and correspond to those normally only available to banking institutions.

With over 100 years of combined expertise in the areas of asset management, real estate finance and real estate finance, our founders have a proven track record in the industry. Every credit request, every creditor, his operation and the real estate to be funded are analysed thoroughly. Each credit request is subjected to a thorough due dilligence process in which external advisors such as REICS evaluations, engineering and ecological assessments and expert opinions are involved.

It will be kept in a safe, separate banking escrow deposit with a third depositary of Barclays which is a UK regulatory body until it is remitted to the debtor.

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