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We know that when it comes to working out your mortgage finances, there can be some tricky calculations. This calculator will help you calculate the stamp duty and property tax for all mortgages, purchases and leases in Jersey. Learn how much you can borrow, calculate interest and much more. You can use our credit calculator to find out how high your monthly payments can be!

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You will find detailed information in our credit terms. Remember that by modifying the loan amount number you can modify the loan to the desired value, which in turn can modify the calculated interest then. Failure on the part of your customer to maintain payment for his mortgages means that his property can be taken back.


We know that when it comes to working out your mortgages, there can be some difficult computations. To make your work as easy as possible, we have developed some practical mortgages calculators. Here are some examples. So if you only want to convert your interest only mortgages into a redemption mortgages, see what your total month payments could be.

Should your interest rates vary, use our calculator to see how high your payout would be each and every months. And if you want to modify your mortgages, our calculator will show you what your new money would look like. Look what your new montly loan installment could be if you took out another loan.

Determine your Loan to Value (LTV) on the basis of your mortgages and your property's appraised value.

Smallbusiness Loans Calculator

On the basis of the weighted interest of the A+ riskband commercial loan. Unforgettably costly large indefinite quantity cardboard and unflexible current account debt - consider an cheap commerce debt to expand your commerce present. See how much you can lend and how high your guaranteed montly refunds will be by using our online calculator. As soon as your request is accepted, you will usually get the money within a few weeks so that you can get your company up and speed quickly.

At the beginning of 2014, the government-backed British Business Bank Investment Programme agreed to join other investment groups by investing a further 40 million to help drive the economy through more effective financing for small companies. Because we believe that access to funding should be as simple as possible, our 10-minute request can be made at a convenient moment without the need for sessions or formalities.

Listen directly to a key person within 2 workingdays, so you can concentrate on what's important to your company.

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