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The Prudential Group is an international financial services group. Get in touch with the regulatory agency on Messenger. Homologated page - Local business - Insurance broker. Representative for supervisory insurances Co. and tax office.

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The Prudential Group is an internationally active provider of investment banking solutions. No matter whether you are founding a small business, want to save for a child's studies or are looking to retire, we ensure your finances are secure. The Prudential was established in London in 1848 on the basis of the principle of integrity, safety and care, and we still uphold these core beliefs today.

Prudential's Group Chief Executive will discuss the importance and value of investments in Asia's infrastructures. "Do you have a pension date? The British Intergenerational Retirement Study by Prudential asks these question.

The Prudential plc will spin off M&G Prudential from Prudential plc and announce the divestiture of part of its UK bond portfolios - Prudential plc.

As part of this move towards a more capital-efficient, lower-risk franchise, M&G Prudential is also announcing the disposal of 12.0bn1 of its bond portfolios to Rothesay Life. As part of the arrangement, M&G Prudential has re-insured 12.0bn of Rothesay Life debt, which is likely to be followed by a part VII asset allocation by the end of 2019.

This business is a premier global insurance and wealth creation group focusing on those segments that provide the most compelling global opportunity for business development. dividends of Prudential plc will continue to be paid during the divestiture phase. After the spin-off, Prudential plc will maintain its UK headquarters and its UK based premier listed position on the London Stock Exchange, its Hong Kong based prime listed position and other Singapore and New York listed positions.

Based in the UK, M&G Prudential will have a premier quotation on the London Stock Exchange. Prudential plc Chairman Paul Manduca said: Furthermore, the Group's borrowed funds will be reallocated via Prudential plc and M&G Prudential before the spin-off. IFRS obligations related to M&G Prudential's entire UK bond book amounted to £32.6 billion as at 31 December 2017.

M&G' IFRS regulatory overall pretax profits4 amounted to £1,378 million in 2017. As a result of the disposal of the partial annuities and the Hong Kong transaction, this item represents the lower exposure in the UK insurance company. Concerning the Hong Kong transfers, the effects on the SCR will allow the £2.0bn independent SCR for Hong Kong to be released, partly compensated by the 1.1bn loss of UK-Hong Kong UK diversity advantages.

£12.0 billion in IFRS shareholders' pension liability at 31 December 2017. Further information is provided in the IFRS disclosure of Prudential plc's results release published on 14 March 2017 (Note I(d) of the supplementary non-audited IFRS accounting information). The Prudential plc is not in any way associated with Prudential Finance, Inc.

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