Purchase and Renovate Loan

Buying and renovating loans

Therefore, investors can use the equity of a current property to cover the value of the bridging loan they need to renovate another property. To buy a house, renovate it and resell it. I' m gonna need a 150,000 pound up. What is the best way to do this?

Hello, I would like to buy a flat to renovate it and then resell it, should be a fast turn, we have about 425,000 pounds of capital in our house and I would like to share about 150,000 pounds, what is the best and fastest way to do this? Gillian, for this type of business typical we would look at bridge/development financing, but with the amount of capital you have, the easiest way would almost certainly be to increase the 150,000 against your present principal place of residency.

Normally we would look for a home that has no early repayment penalty, so you have the freedom to pay it back once the refurbished home has been resold.

260,000 Auction financing for the purchase of a renovation project in Whitby

Initially, our customers had won a piece of real estate at an auctions that they wanted to renovate and resell as soon as they had done so. As soon as this was done, they market the real estate - selling it at a gain to a vacation home investors and withdrawing our loan. Need financing for an auction? Please call our Lending specialists on 01249 474956 for our full line of special financing and special tycoons.

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Asset purchase

The growth of your enterprise and the increase in turnover often require the purchase of equipment such as new machines or cars. Whilst you may have enough money to pay for the operating costs of your operation, you may be looking for a small loan to help you purchase new asset to help your operation grow.

Financed by our investor base across the UK, our credits have variable maturities and you can pay back your loan early with no penalty. No matter whether you are looking for new machines to boost your output or a new transporter to help you make more shipments, we can help you get the financing your company needs.

Firmly agreed upon payments and credit periods from 6 month to 5 years help you anticipate your cash flow so you can make the most of your growth opportunities. Our mission is to help you and your organization meet your objectives, and we will work with you to better understanding your organization and its financing needs to make sure you receive the optimal financing for your organization.

Identifying a prospective location to buy and renovate to open a new pub and dining area, the firm wanted to extend its existing business within Northampton. Financing was secured which enabled the firm to continue the purchase and refurbishment of the new building.

In order to help a burgeoning corporate banking industry, we offer easy, accessible loans with greater agility, easy collateral agreements, minimal day-to-day management and no exits charges.

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