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Loans Quicken - Internally at Quicken Loans I' ve worked at Quicken Loans for more than nine years and it was a great time. It' a great place for a man with creativeness and enthusiasm. and see how they became marketplaces. During the nine years I worked there, all in the sales department, that was never the case with me.

Curiously, it was during this period when I had to work from home that I was able to concentrate on our Yahoo! response programme and start it that became the nucleus of the present Yahoo! community response programme (now the best community service community in the US). Throughout the years, I've built a strong sales force, seen several individuals I've recruited growing and building career and helped start several other sales outlets, among them my two favorite ones - blogs and podcasts.

Unless you're impassioned and vigorous, you probably won't be enjoying the Quicken Loans area.

Loans Quicken "great people" ratings

Nice folks. Plenty of time. Fewer working maneuvers. When you are enthusiastic, willing to invest many lessons and highly committed to your future, this is the place for you. Unless you're impassioned and vigorous, you probably won't be enjoying the Quicken Loans area. After my second year, I was a trainee at Quicken Loans in the sommer.

More than 1000 trainees are brought to Detroit to work in the summers, which gives the city centre a very young and vibrant atmosphere. Already as an trainee I was able to contact other departments ("teams") than those in which I was employed to.... shade humans and get project from different groups to research my interests.

Further advantages are: I know from conversations with other trainees that their experience was not the same as mine and some frustrated about the shortage of interesting work, portability and working time agility. They' re working you like a hound as a mortgage banker. Don't even think about having a boyfriend. Excellent crowd and great athmosphere.

Earn a great deal of cash in the banking side of things if you are motivated to work through long and stressful working hours. What is the best way to make it? Great benefit. Long working times and not good for reconciling work and family time.

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