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Credit check quick check

Learn more about how to check your creditworthiness. Your data is necessary for us to be able to check your eligibility with QuickCheck. A "soft" credit search is carried out which does not affect your creditworthiness.

QuickCheck might not be able to find you

Do not want to be valid for many different maps and loan as each and every one will show on your credit histories. There are many uses in a hurry that can be a wake-up call for creditors as they may see you as in despair for credit. That is why a credit quest might be a good one.

What if the authorization tester can't find you? When you have trouble using a credit analytics software, it is a good idea to review your data to see if it is correct. QuickCheck implements a gentle credit check on your credit information. That means it looks at the particulars on your credit reference to check your request.

All of these location aid let you countenance at your approval document for people countenance at. When you find something incorrect on your credit reports, simply contact the relevant credit bureau. So why a software lookup? Like we said before, a quick lookup means you can see before applying whether you are likely to receive any credit.

There will be no trace in your credit histories as would be the case if you applied for credit in general. If you look at your credit reports, you will be able to see the smooth quest, but creditors will not be able to if they credit check you. When applying for the credit cards from Tinkmoney, you can use our QuickCheck utility to see if you are likely to be approved without a trace on your credit reports.

We analyze your data....

Great messages, your data is safe - we save your data only after you have sent this from. Your data is necessary for us to be able to check your entitlement with QuickCheck. A "soft" credit check is carried out which does not influence your creditworthiness. It is 100% private and safe.

Don't be afraid - your data is safe. Once we have reviewed your information, we will forward it to our partner Corporate One who will conduct a Quick Check. Please review our General Business Principles and Data Protection Statement. We will share your information with credit bureaus for a preliminary review of your credit history.

You will be the only one who will be able to see this check so that it does not affect your creditworthiness.

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