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Quick-Fix Mobile TV Repair, Grover Beach, CA. Most people in our rush society are looking for a quick solution to repair their credit reports in order to get the best deal for their money. Prepare yourself...

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Me and my spouse are living in an apartment we've had a home for for 11 years. £100,000 of our own capital is on our £200k apartment. A few month ago, we successfully repaid a secure credit of 15,000 euros. However, we have some credit cardholder indebtedness and still a very low credit rating at a charge very old default settings (about to fall!) and mortgages over 3 years ago.

We have a good salary, but we will still fight for our outstanding indebtedness to be settled in the near-term. Well, a dear boyfriend is looking for an apartment to buy for hire. Our company has proposed to buy our apartment, let us hire for low cost, we can cancel ALL our loans and if willing, we can request a new loan with a significant down payment and cost (our own capital of £70k ) with extra saving once loans are balanced.

How long after we have paid off all our debts and then rigorously managed our cash, will it take until we have a shot at getting a home loan?


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It is best to prevent such exaggerations because there is no quick way out of poor credit; it will take considerable amount of credit repair work, as well as considerable credit repayment work. There are 3 major credit bureaus in the United Kingdom, namely Experian, CallCredit and Equifax. A few will try to prevent getting back into debts by canceling all their credit card payments after they have paid the final amount.

When you are not going to be paying off other types of debt, the best thing to do is to keep at least one credit card that you should use and at least from time to time disburse; this will enhance favorable records in your credit history and give your credit ratings a raise. When you don't have a credit or debit cards and can't get one, you can request a Credit Builders pre-paid calling plan; these facilities are specially set up to help you improve or consolidate a credit standing, they loan you a small amount of money (e.g. 60) that you repay over 12 month.

When you successfully pay back the small credit, it is registered with the credit bureaus, which increases your creditworthiness. Good creditworthiness is important, it is used not only for taking out loans, but more and more also by lessors (or rental agencies) to evaluate prospective renters, some employer may also ask to look at it.

So, even if you are not planning on borrowing in the near term, it is still beneficial to have good credit. Over the years, Citizens Advice Bureau and StepChange have been helping many different kinds of individuals, no matter what your circumstances, they have probably already done something for someone like you.

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